Tuesday, 1 August 2017

SMC Press Release | Palaye Royale 'Boom Boom Room Side A' Headline Tour hits Edmonton August 8th!

Palaye Royale | (l-r) Remington Leith, Emerson Barrett, and Sebastian Danzig

August 1, 2017 - Edmonton | Starlight Music Chronicles - There have been some serious rumblings since late July 2017 within the Edmonton music community. It is the beginning of what has become known as 'the Palaye Royale storm' that is about to hit the Mercury Room one week from today. The Los Angeles-based Fashion Art Rock Band comprised of Remington Leith (frontman), Sebastian Danzig (Guitar), and Emerson Barrett (drums) have been followed and supported by Starlight Music Chronicles since February 2014 becoming a permanent fixture and part of the SMC Family by way of our SMC SPOTLIGHT Numbered Series (See our first ever feature on the Spotlight here). 

The band has toured non-stop since the release of their album Boom Boom Room | Side A to iTunes in June 2015 landing them tours with Vans Warped Tour, High School Nation, and most recently with Andy Black in February 2017. Their street cred includes winning MTV's Musical March Madness in 2014 (beating out Linkin Park, Coldplay, and Fallout Boy), a Samsung Galaxy Commercial for their song 'Get Higher' (see below), and a contract with Ralph James (Theory of a Deadman, Hedley) of United Talent Agency, showcases at Canadian Music Week (Toronto), and appearances twice now at the Alternative Press Music Awards complete with a generous nod in the AP press release (here): 'Palaye Royale aim to bring back the Rock Star image by Channeling My Chemical Romance.' The band is now signed with Sumerian Records and will be announcing their next big tour in the coming weeks.

The band will arrive in Edmonton August 8th following their performance at Grizfest Music Festival in Tumbler Ridge, BC August 6th and for the bands' Edmonton street team, it couldn't come any faster. Fans, known as Soldiers of the Royal Council, caught wind of their arrival late July and quickly assembled behind the scenes with concrete plans to blast their arrival by peppering event posters throughout the downtown core and surrounding areas (an iconic signature move by their fans globally). News caught on quickly after this and ticket sales continued moving quite rapidly. It is this kind of unity which has earned Palaye Royale a permanent spot in the hearts of their most dedicated fans. Now that the band has been actively touring on Canadian soil, particularly western Canada, a new awakening among the Soldiers of the Royal Council has begun and it shows no signs of stopping. 

We are certain that whether fans want to catch a glimpse of Sebastian Danzigs insanely wicked guitar riffs, Emerson Barrett's heart-pounding drum skills, or Remington Leith's hauntingly beautiful vocals or even his notorious stage theatrics (see photo below), we are confident they are going to get to see the show of a lifetime. In fact, in February 2017, SMC attended their well-received show at the Starlite Room where fans (new and established) clambered for a photo or danced so vehemently we thought the floor would cave! 

We are sure this is going to be the bands best show in Edmonton yet and we look forward to welcoming them here!

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Desperado Pilots | Photo by Jordon Hon courtesy of Desperado Pilots

Opening for Palaye Royale are Edmonton-based Alternative Rock band Desperado Pilots. This band is a new profile to the SMC platform but also a most welcome one - the band has launched their wicked new single 'Bon Voyage' (see below) just in time for next weeks show. We are confident with songs like this, the band is sure to make a lasting impression for our avid indie music seekers who regularly frequent the SMC platform in search of something dynamic and new. 

Desperado Pilots Socials