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*ARTIST REVIEW* Phosphene | 'Phosphene' Self Titled Album is On Fire!

By CA Marshall

Editor | Starlight Music Chronicles
(previously posted on Indie Habit)

If I had knowledge of the self-titled album release for Chicago-based band Phosphene on March 19th of 2015, I would have definitely requested it as a birthday gift the next day. There are often many profiles of bands and Artists that cross my desk any given day and it’s not until I get a chance to sit and really listen to the music that I am inspired to write a review. This is the case with the female fronted band comprised of Jeni Leigh (Lead Vocals), Michael Slazar (bass guitar), Dan Bikar (guitar), and Andrew Cantore (drums).

The band debut in 2014 and since, has acquired the attention of several notable media platforms and press appearances such as Alternative Press and Revolver magazines to name a few. In fact, Lead vocalist Jeni was chosen as Revolver’s ‘Hottest Chick in Hard Rock’ shortly following the band’s album release. In addition, their album has been spun on notable radio stations throughout the USA and they have been invited to Vans Warped Tour in 2014 and 2015. Other notable appearances are on FOX News, ABC 7 NEWS Chicago, The Mancow Show, and ESPN’s ‘Friday Night Fights’ show hosted by Mike Tyson (Jeni sang the anthem). They have also toured with The Pretty Reckless, Lacuna Coil and Sick Puppies, Judas Priest, Breaking Benjamin, Foghat, and George Thorogood.
So all accomplishments aside, let’s get into the album review shall we?

Phosphene’s self-titled album is a 12-track Alternative Rock ‘golden nugget’: the tracks ‘Riot’, ‘Hold On’, and ‘Anti Hero’ are consistent in their composition and sound which is truly hard rock at its finest- the guitar riffs are a religious experience throughout the album, but especially in these three songs . The single ‘Scream’ is reminiscent is a mixture of delicate and powerful with Jeni’s vast vocal range followed by ‘Antidote’ which is also similar in composition and sound comparative to ‘Scream’. Going further into the album, ‘Warrior’ is probably one of the most captivating of this album with its powerhouse vocals and lyrics. Instrumentation in the song ‘Lock Me Away’ with piano woven throughout creates yet another layer of genius with this band’s ability to prove they are diverse in sound. Lyrics throughout the album as well as in previous content from the band are purposeful and intentional and support the overall ‘Hard Rock’ image that is portrayed.

Going further, I have taken a look at the band’s website and can see that along with strong affiliations and endorsements they have also acquired an equally strong fan base (120,000 and growing!) through consistent live performances that can be viewed on both photo galleries (website) and their YouTube channel. The kind of band that impresses the masses is the ones that truly remain humble in their approach and that is apparent throughout their connection with their fans. This is apparent with consistent communication with fan and industry feedback on their social media platforms and reflects a band that is willing to spend the extra few minutes a day responding to comments on their posts.

It is safe to say that for a band so early in its inception stages to have already acquired so many accomplishments in a relatively short period of time is indicative that they are going to go the whole distance with their career on all levels. Fabulous!


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Monday, 15 February 2016


Screen shot from the BRAND NEW 'Diamond Eyes' video by Hands Up Music's Recording Artist Lexu Strate

by CA Marshall

Only hours after the ‘day of love’ does Hands Up Music Recording Artist Lexi Strate strategically release the ‘mother of all heartbreak’ songs in her new video (single was previously released February 8th, 2016) ‘Diamond Eyes’ (click to view the video here). I say this, because this has been a much anticipated release for us at Starlight Music Chronicles (SMC). Both the branding for the single release and the single itself all coincide with the video release today: Stellar!

SMC has followed many of the brilliant Recording Artists that have worked with Hands Up producers Dan Davidson and Ari Rhodes over the last few years such as Bryan Finlay and Rachel Woznow who have both appeared as feature Artists on the cover of our first two issues of SMC Magazine. Last July, Strate released her video ‘Antidote’ (see our review here) with a colorful bang and was already on the SMC radar as ‘one to watch’. This time around, she has enlisted herself as one we will definitely keep on our radar. Why? She’s totally proven herself as an Artist who is consistent in her presentation while being able to create something brilliant and new every time.

Diamond Eyes is essentially a song about heartbreak and longing but it isn’t just ‘any heartbreak song’ it’s THE song.  Strate’s ‘grown up’ thick chalky vocals reminiscent of Nina Simone and PINK are truly iconic and easily identifiable when heard on radio (and, we BETTER hear this song on radio!). The brilliant lyrics and production of the Hands Up Music team prove that this is a team that is truly in touch with their Artists: elevating them to their maximum potential and setting them free to the world. This is demonstrated in the boundaries Strate has pushed for herself past and present with the support of the Hands Up team.

The vocals in this number produce an end result that can be compared to a sexy vaudeville singer from the 20’s: truly entertaining and alluring. In listening to the instrumentation in the song in its entirety, one can easily picture themselves riding around in a convertible, summer sun on their face, and gentle breeze in their hair. This is the kind of song that will linger on radio stations for some time to come for its ‘feel-good’ sound.

The lyrics in combination with the video are brilliant. Consistent branding throughout the last few weeks have indicated that you are going to view a video shot in beautiful, soft, instagram-worthy blue undertones supporting the ‘blue’ mood the subject is expressing in realizing that the love of her life ‘just isn’t all that into her’. But then we flash into a cinematic, brilliant, polished ‘Vogue’ worthy, 'Come and get me' seductive scene change during the chorus: It’s stunning and brilliant! This is the handiwork of Director: Travis Nesbitt (the same who directed her video for ‘Antidote’), Russ Dawson (Creative, Set Design), and Jasmine Ming-Wai Ma (Make Up and Wardrobe).

Suffice to say, Strate is not only on our radar, she has proven herself a brilliant Star/Diamond in our Starlight Music Chronicles history and we look forward to more coming from this talented young songstress!

Ps: we have added this video and album single with link to her iTunes to the ‘Our Faves’ section of the website. Fabulous job!


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*ALBUM REVIEW* Sophia Radisch “Beautiful Sin” an 'AMBITIOUS' 13-Track LP

Sophia Radisch - photo courtesy of Sophia Radisch 

by Mike McKenna
Contributor, Nor'Easter Magazine

This young lady comes to me with kudos longer than my arm and she is only 17 years old, having come into the music scene young (at 13!) She has accomplished more in her early years than most musicians experience during a lifetime. Hailing from Ottawa, Ontario, Canada, this powerhouse is a member of SOCAN (The Society of Composers, Authors and Music Publishers of Canada) SAC (Songwriters Association of Canada) & CARAS (The Canadian Academy of Recording Arts and Sciences) and is the Co-Founder & Co-Owner Of Rock Solid Talent Entertainment Ltd.

Her musical talents have been well documented and described as “having a style that is all her own that she projects with a cutting edge in a mainstream flavor.” With over 150 songs in her catalog, some of which were included in the feature film, “Thirteen Downs”, for which she was cast in the lead as “Lilly.” This young lady has everything going for her including working with Hall of Fame Songwriter, Publisher, Music Journalist, and Producer Larry Wayne Clark on 3 collaborations.

Her current band is like a Who's Who of Rock and includes former Megadeath members and guest musicians, Glen Drover who produced the LP and gives it up on lead vocals and also on the guitar and drummer Shawn Drover provided the beats; Ronnie "Dawg" Robson with bottom rhythm on bass guitar and Sophia, who composed & co-produced this effort as well as plays guitar and belts out the lead vocals.

This ambitious 13-track LP opens with the title track, “Beautiful Sin”, which gives me visions of the style of an Alanis Morrisette. The slammin' riffs are totally hot! The LP's 1st single, “Hot Blooded” has “London Calling” Clash-like guitars throughout which set the pace for her angelic pipes and melodic vox. The rhythmic changes are fresh and blend together in a nice marriage. Once again, we hear tight manipulation of the frets on the guitar solo. RAD! “Defeated” has a nice retro/mod flavor where the musical flow just moves so smooth. NICE!

“Saint or Sinner” is a cool mid-tempo rocker with tight harmony that has Sophia proclaiming “I'm a Saint, I'm a Sinner”, COOL! “Shiver”most likely alludes to that Canadian cold which does make one shiver, I've experienced that for myself. BRR! “Suffocate” tells an awesome story that comes from way down deep, Sophia nails this perfectly! “Give Me A Soul” has a sound that would raise one's blood pressure in a heartbeat. With a combination of power vocals and bangin guitars, this would light up a nightclub in an instant. HOT! “Come Around” shows one another side of Sophia as she gives everything she has in this feeler.

“Raining Fire” just hits you from the door and holds the listener captive. “Heal Your Woman” has a mainstream Alternative sound that should kick-ass on ALT formats. If I was a programmer, I would have this as an ADD in a HOT rotation! BANGING! “Sweet Injustice” follows in the creative mold of some of the earlier tracks where Sophia's exceptional talents are once again on display for all to hear. “Stairway to Nowhere” has a nice AOR/Adult Contemporary appeal to it, this track could cross over into multiple formats. The final track, “Behind Closed Doors”, showcases those powerful lungs of Sophia's married nicely to some laid-back instrumentation which gives this a smooth flow.

After listening to 13 tracks, coming out of hypnosis by her wonderful voice and finally getting it all together here, I can honestly say that this is a lady on the rise. Are we going to hear more from her? HELL YES! She is one talented, polished musician with the chops to go along with it all. If she can make a believer out of me, than she can do the same for you, the discriminating listener. She has the moxy to do it all in a big way!

This LP is a MUST LISTEN! On the Nor'easter Storm Scale, I give this a FORCE 3! WELL DONE!

LP Review by Michael McKenna

Nor'easter Entertainment Magazine


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Paul Woida | Pulling out all the STOPS in his *NEW VIDEO* 'Hello'

Recording Artist Paul Woida - June 1st, 2015 *EXCLUSIVE* NEVER SEEN photo by Candice Anne Graphics & Photography

by CA Marshall

So here’s the deal: Paul Woida is BOSS.

The Edmonton, Alberta Musician (who has been rocking local headlines) has recorded and created yet another brilliant masterpiece in his newest video cover of Adele’s ‘Hello’ and we are excited to share our thoughts on the Artist and this video.

Woida has received accolades in last year’s win (June 1st, 2015) for the Hot 107 FM Radio’s ‘Hot Factor’ contest and was awarded a grand sum of $10,000 which he has been putting towards new and original recordings (soon to come). He has also moved up to the United Way’s top three finalists in the United Way Voice competition and is holding strong with votes among his incredibly supportive friends, family and fans. In addition to this, he has been touring schools with fellow Recording Artist Mackenzie Dayle in an inspiring anti bullying campaign that has already caught our attention and has recently performed in front of 5,000 fans at Northlands in Edmonton, Alberta. Someone who can accomplish all of these things in under a year in an industry that is extremely competitive earns my total respect not to mention the respect of everyone he meets.  

With the many ‘Bang On’ covers he has done in the past such as Maroon5’s ‘Sugar’, Justin Timberlakes ‘What Goes Around’, Katy Perry’s ‘Dark Horse’, and Taylor Swifts ‘Out of the Woods’, and Coldplays ‘Viva La Vida’ to name a few, Woida’s latest video cover of Adele’s ‘Hello’ has truly pulled out all the stops. The video is carefully crafted and genuinely reflects who I know this Artist to be which is truly talented, determined, consistent, concrete in his content, and innovative. The vocals are truly his own classic signature sound combined with the refined looping technique that true Woida fans have become accustomed to. As with all of his content, he goes in, does his magic, then goes on to the next thing, and there is ALWAYS a next thing.

So here’s my advice: subscribe to all of his social media forums in order to keep up – no joke. I have been guilty of not doing so and when I go to ‘check out what’s new with Paul Woida’, I am always surprised and often, feeling totally out of the loop because there’s continuously something new!

Here’s a well known secret among those who know Woida intimately: in addition to his amazing talent, you will never find a more humble human being - he doesn’t have to spam newsfeeds and shove his talent down your throat. The final produced result in his music is proof that this isn’t necessary – it’s pure QUALITY, and this latest video is proof of that fact. (see below)

Keep on knocking them out of the park Paul! 


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Music Festival Season! | Is Your Band Ready?

'LIGHTS' July 2015 @ KDays Edmonton - Photo courtesy Candice Anne Graphics & Photography

By Michael McKenna – Nor'easter Entertainment Magazine

Music Festivals, long a favorite summer pastime in Europe, have now taken firm hold among US music fans as the places to see new regional music. Naturally, that leaves even more bands asking how get on the bill. Getting booked to play a music festival is extremely competitive, so taking the right approach is the only way to get a foot in the door. Now, I'm not going to kid you and say it's going to be easy, if it was, well, everyone would be doing it, but you can get yourself on stage in front of festival crowds. Get your band booked for a music festival with these tips.

1. Be Ready For It
I know, I know, you think your band is ready! But, are you REALLY? This isn't an affront to your music, in fact, at this point, we're really not talking about how good your music is at all. We're are talking about if your band is ready for the unique demands of playing a music festival?

If you aren't so experienced yet on the live circuit, then you're probably not. Playing a festival is a different beast than playing your local club, so promoters usually look for bands who have a proven track record of commanding a crowd and putting on a solid show. Remember, you're competing with a lot more when you're playing to a massive crowd of people outdoors than you are when you play for your friends at your favorite bar, so you need to have your stage presence on lock, something that only comes with a whole lot of practice.

You'll have the best chances of succeeding at getting booked and killing your set - if you do the groundwork of building your stage show first.

2. Know Your Targets
No, you don't want to play just any festival that will have you. That's akin to sending your music to every promote and agent in the region, regardless of the kind of music they work with. Instead, narrow your search and settle on a few target festivals that you would like to play that centers on your specific genre of music.
Of course the festivals in question should welcome your genre of music, but make sure they tick other boxes, too. For instance, are there stages suited to bands of your audience size? Would you be able to travel to the festival if your expenses weren't covered by your booking fee or as part of your deal? If you don't have an agent, does the festival welcome submissions directly from musicians? Don't waste energy chasing festivals that aren't a good fit for you, even if they happen to be festivals you enjoy as a music fan. Get in where you fit in, and you'll get booked much easier.

3. Set Your Calendar
Believe it or not, one of the biggest obstacles musicians always face when applying for festivals or other events is simply getting the application, so to speak, in on time. Do not apply to things late. DO NOT MISS DEADLINES! Create a calendar of submission deadlines to all of the festivals you want to play so you opportunity doesn't pass you by.

4. Prepare For Submission
Every festival will have its own submission requirements, but be prepared to need an artist bio and some music, at the very least. It is also a good idea to have a video of you performing ready to be viewed and to have some professional press photos ready to go. You will also need some decent quality recordings to show off your sounds in the best possible light.

When it comes to submitting your music, bio, and so on - submit exactly what is requested - no more and no less. No, sending three songs when two were asked for is not better. No, your bio shouldn't book lengthened. If they're not giving you an opportunity to tell how many shows you've played, don't cram the information in there. Their formula is in place for a reason, and deviating from it is a good way to ensure your music doesn't get listened to at all.

5. Get Your Social Media Ready
I hate the notion of promoters looking at how many FB, ReverbNation, Twitter or social media followers a musician has as an indication of whether or not to book them so much that I hate to suggest you care. However - that DOES happen and you DO have to care.

And, to be fair, there IS a point there. Having a large number of social media followers isn't the same thing as having a large number of bums in seats, but it does say something about you as a musician. It means you engage your fans and that you're committed enough to promote yourself, which hints that you'll work hard to promote your show and give your fans a good set.

So, with that said, before your apply for a music festival, get your social media numbers up as much as you can and most importantly, get active on your pages. If your last post was two years ago, get a flurry of activity going before you apply.

6. Don't Be Afraid to Start Small
Does your town have a festival that hosts live music? Sometimes, the best festival to start your festival career at is right in your backyard. Now, sure, it may not be Lollapaloza or Woodstock, but that's OK. It is a chance to put a festival appearance on your resume and get used to that style of playing live. The more you can make a name for yourself, the more interested festival promoters will be about adding you to the bill. Local festivals are a great start to moving up the ladder to regional and nationwide festivals.

7. More Dos and Dont's For Getting Booked at Festivals

DO look out for special booking opportunities, like contests in which the prize is an appearance at the festival

DON'T pay to play a festival, Ever! This includes festivals that want you to buy tickets to resell to fans yourself. Nope, no way, no how. PLEASE.

DO keep the faith. It's competitive out there! That doesn't mean that your band doesn't belong on the stage. Keep gigging and making music as you keep working on getting a festival slot. Every show, every song, every new fan is a step closer to your goal. Remember, it's all up you and how persistent and focused you and the rest of the band are towards reaching a set goal.

*SINGLE REVIEW* Simple Plan “Opinion Overload” | Album Launches Feb 19th!

by Michael McKenna
(Nor'Easter Magazine Contributor to Starlight Music Chronicles)

Hailing from Montreal, Quebec, Canada, the award-winning act, Simple Plan, has made waves internationally with their raw, in-your-face, energetic, high-energy Pop/Punk sound. Born in 1999, they have risen to one of Canada's most recognizable acts. Their latest LP, “Taking One For The Team” features appearances by New Found Glory singer, Jordan Pudnik and The Voice runner-up from Season 2, Juliet Sims, has spawned the first single, “Opinion Overload.”

The band consists of Chuck Comeau on drums and back vox; David Desrosiers on bottom and back vox; lead guitarist Jeff Stinco; Pierre Bovier on vocals and Sebastian Lefebvre on guitars and back vox. The guys are now back on tour to promote this new effort in Europe.

This single is one of those tracks that combines a very commercial Pop/Punk feel with an Alternative/Indie Rock flavor. The band describes the tune as “A song about following your heart and not letting anyone tell you that you can't.” They go on to say, “For us, writing it was about getting back to our roots and reminding ourselves and everyone else what this band is all about. We wanted to make a video that strips everything bare and lays it all on the table; go back to the basics and focus on what we love the most: playing shows for you.”

The track opens with pounding percussion, banging guitars, right from the door, that seque into the powerful vocals and harmonies in a perfect sync. The animated moves, and that hellacious chant “HEY” just kick things up to the stratosphere in short order. The awesome amount of the power projected throughout generates a kick-ass energetic flavor that just tickles the ear. SHIT HOT!

If this is a sample of what is to come from the new LP, I would not be surprised if it gives birth to numerous singles that will take Alternative formats by storm worldwide. This track is a MUST LISTEN! On the Nor'easter Storm Scale, I give this a FORCE 4! WELL DONE!

Single Review by Michael McKenna

Nor'easter Entertainment Magazine


From Warner Music Canada


Just after wrapping up a two-year-long tour in support of 2011’s Get Your Heart On!, multi-platinum-selling pop-punk band Simple Plan spent another two tireless years creating a follow-up album that captures the classic Simple Plan spirit but boldly stretches the limits of their sound. “One of the reasons we’re still here today is that we’ve never done just what people expect us to—we’ve never been afraid to try something different,” says drummer Chuck Comeau, who co-founded the Montreal-bred band in 1999. “We’re proud of our pop-punk roots and we we’ll never turn our backs on them, but we also like to take chances, surprise our fans, and always keep them guessing on what we’ll do next.”

The result: Taking One for the Team, Simple Plan’s fifth full-length and most ambitious album so far, offering hard-hitting punk-fueled tracks alongside songs that delve into everything from reggae to delicate acoustic balladry. “We’re a pop-punk band at the core and we’ll always want to create those big, anthemic rock songs, but there’s also a part of us that loves other types of sounds, other types of music,” frontman Pierre Bouvier points out.

The band’s long awaited new release marks the group’s first new full length since 2011’s ‘Get Your Heart On!’. The new album is preceded by a trio of new songs, all featured on the forthcoming release.  “Boom,” “I Don’t Want To Be Sad,” and the album’s lead single “I Don’t Wanna Go To Bed (feat. Nelly)”. Taking One For The Team is set for release on February 19th.

Album Track Listing

Opinion Overload
Kiss Me Like Nobody's Watching
Singing In The Rain (Feat. R. City)
Everything Sucks
I Refuse              
I Don't Wanna Go To Bed (Feat. Nelly)
Perfectly Perfect
I Don't Wanna Be Sad    
P.S. I Hate You  
Problem Child   
I Dream About You

Thursday, 4 February 2016

*MUSIC REVIEW* The Speed Of Sound - 'Shut All The Clubs' is Mod Magic!

by CA Marshall

Music Reviews are truly not what I had in mind today when I woke up. I mean, there's the planning of a concert Starlight Music Chronicles is hosting in June for Morgan's Mission (huge undertaking), a new page to set up on our website for our newest Contributor, gearing up for yet another exciting Artist of the Month competition for March 2016, and a full Spotlight spread on Project Cuddle and the CEO Debbe Magnussen to launch within the next 24-48 hours. 

So when I was approached by Mr. John Armstrong of the Manchester based band 'Speed Of Sound' via email correspondence, I wasn't sure I was up for the task. But workload aside, after giving the band a listen, I knew I HAD to write a review: They are just what the doctor ordered today!

The band's connection to me is derived from the recent review of The Transmitters song 'Here Comes The Weekend' earlier this week (see here). Industry peers and friends of the band, The Speed of Sound are a quartet of truly great sounds and lyrics of the past with influences in the music of: The Jam, XTC, The Who, Terje Rypdal, Siouxsie & The Banshees, The Byrds, John Coltrane, Ludwig van Beethoven, The Boomtown Rats, The Chords, Blondie, The Beatles, Martin Carthy, Throwing Muses, The Velvet Underground, Joy Division, & The Kinks to name a few. 

The band formed in August of 1989 and is comprised of members: John Armstrong guitars/vocals, AnnMarie Crowley vocals/percussion, Kevin Roache bass guitar & Paul Worthington drums, and are based in Manchester, UK. They are about to release their newest single 'Shut All The Clubs' on March 28th, 2016 and have pre-orders currently available on Band Camp (Click Here).

Upon listening to this sound, I am immediately drawn to say that this has a Johnny Marr (The Smiths) vibe happening. The instrumentation in this is carefully organized and I don't know if Armstrong realizes that he is giving off the Johnny vibe or not in his vocal ability but it's THERE! The lyrics are a feel-god vibe (similar to Marr) with post-punk finesse. I had the privilege of seeing Johnny live at the Starlite Room in Edmonton in December of 2014 and loved him! I feel that anyone who can pull off this kind of vibe similarly (as The Speed Of Sound has done here) automatically has my attention and admiration. (see video/song below)

I was pleased to delve into the band's Reverbnation page only to find more treasures await and I would highly recommend this band to those wanting to listen to a true Brit sound and to hear something new! Although this band has been around for some time, it is the first time that it has hit this Canadian girls ears and I am happy to have been introduced to this new discovery! 


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*SONG REVIEW* AARON GOODVIN | 'Knock On Wood's Powerful Industry Message

by CA Marshall

I am a little late in getting to review this song. Alberta Born, Nashville Based, Country Recording Artist Aaron Goodvin has truly gotten my attention with his new single release 'Knock On Wood' that launched with his video on January 18th. Not only has this one quietly snuck up on me in the midst of this last months busy mayhem, but it captured my attention with it's most powerful composition and captivating lyrics!

Recently, Goodvin embarked on his adventure with notable Country Recording Artist Johnny Reid in an 'across Canada' tour that began in Vancouver on February 1st and will finish in Cornerbrook, Newfoundland on April 4th, 2016. (see our article from Warner Music Canada with the press release here

So here's my thoughts on 'Knock On Wood':


I know that may seem cliche to some for me to say, but really, this song really had me speechless. Here's why....

In my career to date, I have been blessed to meet and know intimately the behind the scenes of what real struggles a Recording Artist faces and often times, there really isn't the supports there with family, friends, and industry. Often times, there is financial hardship, untrustworthy people, and many disappointments. Many times people will lend praises and offer the moon but when it really comes down to it, the only person really believing in them is themselves with the exception of very few special people who support them in their quest. 

In this song, Goodvin talks about the belief his mother had in him and that quest for the 'right woman' in his life who will support him wholeheartedly on his journey. Let's face it folks, in this industry, you have to align yourself with the ones who will love you unconditionally and enough to see you through your worst times because it's really all not rainbows and butterflies. The struggles are real and it takes a really strong and loving individual to go through those storms with you. 

So what is this quest? It is the will to put pen to paper, then create something magical with instrumentation, vocals and production all for the sake of getting a personal experience, tragedy, love, celebration, or triumph out to you, the consumer. This is at the sake of costing hundreds and thousands of dollars simply for the sake of sharing a piece of their heart through passion just so that someone somewhere in the world can relate, nod their head and say, "Wow, I so understand what this song is about and it helped me'. Key word here: Helped me. 

I truly believe that all art is the ability to offer healing and love to others through a universal message and music, mo matter where you are in the world, promises just that. 

The lyrics and gentle message that Goodvin delivers in this song truly connect with his peer group as it appears a personal journey of his own to have also struggled with the ups and downs of the industry. In creating some of the most relatable and powerful lyrics via this song, he has truly captured my respect as an industry professional. I review music daily and look for the one song that will really connect to me above the rest and this one does just that. 

This last week for me personally has been a challenge and although I am not a Recording Artist, I am an Artist, and it often takes a lot of belief in ones self and sheer will and determination to see your art through - even if that means you have to walk the path alone. So, this song resonates with me and I am certain that it doesn't matter who you are on this planet, we all face similar challenges in any vocation and this song will truly connect with everyone who hears it's message. 

In listening to the melody, it is clear that Goodvin has that Nashville polish and flair for creating a true country sound. Well done sir, you have my attention! Check out the video below and enjoy! 


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On tour with Johnny Reid / What Love Is All About 2016 Tour Dates:

February 1 – Vancouver, BC – QE Theatre
February 2 – Abbotsford, BC – Abbotsford Centre
February 3 – Kamloops, BC – Interior Savings Centre
February 5 – Prince George, BC – CN Centre
February 6 – Grande Prairie, AB – Canada Games Arena
February 8 – Saskatoon, SK – TCU Place
February 9 – Saskatoon, SK – TCU Place
February 12 – Medicine Hat, AB – Medicine Hat Regional Centre
February 13 – Lethbridge, AB – Enmax Centre
February 16 – Regina, SK – Conexus COA
February 17 – Regina, SK – Conexus COA
February 20 – Winnipeg, MB – Club Regent
February 21 – Winnipeg, MB – Club Regent
February 26 – Calgary, AB – Southern Alberta Jubilee Auditorium
February 27 – Calgary, AB – Southern Alberta Jubilee Auditorium
March 2 – Edmonton, AB – Northern Alberta Jubliee Auditorium
March 3 – Edmonton, AB – Northern Alberta Jubliee Auditorium
March 5 – Red Deer, AB – Enmax Centrium
March 7 – Brandon, AB – Westman Place
March 8 – Thunder Bay, ON – Thunder Bay Auditorium
March 9 – Sault Ste Marie, ON – Essar Centre
March 10 – Sudbury, ON – Sudbury Arena
March 12 – Oshawa, ON – GM Centre
March 14 – Kitchener, ON – Centre in the Square
March 17 – Hamilton, ON – Hamilton Place Theatre
March 20 – London, ON – Budweiser Gardens
March 21 – Toronto, ON – Massey Hall
March 22 – Peterborough, ON – Memorial Centre
March 24 – Kingston, ON – K-Rock Centre
March 28 – Moncton, NB – Moncton Arena
March 29 – Saint John, NB – Harbour Station
March 30 – Sydney, NS – Centre 200
March 31 – Halifax, NS – Scotiabank Metro Centre
April 3 – St. Johns, NL – Mile One Centre

April 4 – Cornerbrook, NL – Pepsi Centre 

Tuesday, 2 February 2016


Toronto - At a press conference held today in Toronto, Warner MusicCanada and its affiliated labels earned a total of 11 nominations for the 2016JUNO AwardsCTV will broadcast the JUNO Awards from the Saddledome in Calgary, Alberta on Sunday, April 3, 2016.

Scott Helman – Breakthrough Artist of the Year; Pop Album of the Year (Augusta)
2015 was a remarkable year for Toronto singer-songwriter Scott Helman. His single “Bungalow” from his debut EP Augusta had reached #1 on CBC Radio’s national charts during Christmas of 2014 and, in the New Year began its climb up the charts at Modern Rock, Top 40 and AC radio.  In June, “Bungalow” was nominated for Best Pop Video at the MMVAs which led to a dynamic national TV performance by Scott and his band. In July, “Bungalow” was certified gold in Canada. For most of the year Scott was on the road playing at variety of music festival across the country before joining Walk Off The Earth for extensive tour in the U.S. and Europe.  In the Fall, Scott was named the first-ever winner of Spotify’s Emerge program, beating out 12 other Canadian artists. Since launching his music on Spotify, Scott’s music has been streamed over 3.5 million times, and his videos have been viewed over 2.6 million times on YouTube. The year ended with a 30+ tour across Canada and Scott topping Teen Vogue Magazine’s list of Top 14 voices to be on the lookout for in 2016. These are first time Juno nominations for Scott.

Francesco Yates – Breakthrough Artist of the Year
Francesco Yates’ star has been on the rise since he signed his first record deal with 21 Music/Atlantic Records at the young age of 16.  In the years leading up to the release of his 2015 self-titled debut EP he’s gone on to work with some of the biggest names in the business, including Robin Hannibal, Robin Schulz and even Pharrell Williams. Last year saw the debut of his breakout single “Better to Be Loved” which was a top 5 hit at Canadian radio and “Sugar,” a collaboration with Robin Schulz, which Spotify credited as the “Most Viral Song of 2015".  This is the first time Francesco Yates has been nominated for a Juno Award.

Brett Kissel – Country Album of the Year (Pick Me Up)
2014’s Juno Award winner for Breakthrough Artist of the Year – did not fall victim to the sophomore slump with the release of his album Pick Me Up last year.  Apple Music Canada named it the best country album of 2015 and CBC included it on their list of top Canadian albums. Pick Me Up’s first single, “Airwaves,” earned Brett his first chart-topping hit at Canadian country radio, while the music video reached number 1 on CMT’s Top 20 Countdown. This is Brett’s third career Juno Award nomination.

Matthew Good – Rock Album of the Year (Chaotic Neutral)
Matthew Good is one of Canada’s preeminent voices in music today.  2015 marked the release of Chaotic Neutral, Good’s 11th studio album.  In the 20 years since the release of his debut album he has been prolific in his output.  His studio albums have combined for nearly one million albums sold in Canada alone. Matthew Good has previously been nominated for 20 Juno Awards, including Rock Album of the Year for his last three studio albums Arrows of Desire, Lights of Endangered Species and 2011’s Vancouver, for which he took home the award.

The Sheepdogs – Rock Album of the Year (Future Nostalgia)
The Sheepdogs seemed to explode out of Saskatoon in 2011 when they became the first independent band ever to grace the cover of Rolling Stone Magazine.  Their debut album, Learn & Burn, went on to earn platinum certification and three Juno Awards in Canada while their self-titled sophomore release (produced by The Black Keys’ Patrick Carney) was certified gold.  Future Nostalgia was self-produced by The Sheepdogs and has garnered the Rock Radio hit “Downtown”.  This is the band’s ninth Juno Award nomination.

Vance Joy – International Album of the Year (Dream Your Life Away)
Vance Joy is an Australian singer-songwriter who broke out internationally in 2015 with his hit single “Riptide.” His debut album Dream Your Life Away has achieved platinum certification in Canada, where Vance Joy is in the midst of a national headlining tour.  This is the first time Vance Joy has been nominated for a Juno Award.

Nominations for related Warner Music Canada recordings and distributed labels include:

Paul Brandt – Country Album of the Year (Frontier) / Road Angel
Dan Romano – Adult Alternative Album of the Year (If I’ve Only One Time Askin’) / New West
LeE HaRVeY OsMOND – Contemporary Roots Album Of The Year (Beautiful Scars) / Latent

Thomas “Tawgs” Salter – Jack Richardson Producer Of The Year (“Bungalow” – Scott Helman) / Warner Music Canada

*NEW* Song Review THE TRANSMITTERS | 'Here Comes The Weekend' Another Hit!

The Transmitters (l-r) Martin Bailey (Lead Guitar), David Lees (Lead Vocalist), Danny Short (Drums), and Tony Dallas (Bass Guitar) - photo courtesy The Transmitters

by CA Marshall

Before we get into my thoughts on who I have recently termed: 'My British Boys', The Transmitters' and their latest single release 'Here Comes The Weekend', I'm going to back up the double deckered bus a little to give you a little history on my association with this fabulous band.

In July 2015, our Contributor Marc McGarraghy of Yellow Mustang Photography (also across the pond) shot a series of brilliant photos of the band so colorful and happy looking I made it my business to check them out. I was thrilled when I began listening to their YouTube channel and came across their single 'Catch The Sun' (see below), a happy and truly mod sounding melody reflective of 'The Jam' back in it's heyday. I knew immediately I needed to connect with them.

The band is comprised of Lead Vocalist David Lees, Guitarist/Back up vocalist Martin Bailey, followed by Danny Short on Drums, and Tony Dallas on Bass Guitar. They hail from Bolton, England, UK and began laying their roots as a band recording and touring in early 2014. Their 'Catch The Sun' single was released in May of 2015 in the wake of their already successful touring and performance schedule in addition to their strong connections with Mr. Paul Weller and Mr. Steve Brooks (The Jam), the band recently received praise by Brooks who commented on a recent promo photo stating: 'You lot are ugly enough to make it' - BRILLIANT! 

So it was a lovely surprise when Martin Bailey sent me a preview of the new song 'Here Comes The Weekend' (Click Here to Listen). This was in conjunction with the release of their fabulous *new* live video infused with 'Jam' visuals and hilarious shenanigans I have come to know as: The Transmitters. If you don't know what I am talking about, click the link I provided and check it out!

So let's delve into my thoughts on the new release: I find that I always align myself and gravitate toward those of a positive attitude and successful nature and this is clearly evident in everything The Transmitters produce. The new single 'Here Comes The Weekend' is no exception. This cheerful number not only has lyrics and vocals that entice one to anticipate the end of a long week and the winding down process, it elicits thoughts of bashing around London on a sunny day and taking in all the sights. (side note: this makes me want to actually take a vacation there JUST to have this playing in my headset whilst I do just that!) 

Clever Branding for the Single by the bands' friend Lewis Tee

In addition to being audibly 'fun', the upbeat guitar riffs and drums throughout are an expressive instrumentation that truly represent this band in the best way: iconic. And here I thought life was complete with a cherry on top with 'Here Comes The Sun'! This new single clearly proves me wrong. Just goes to show that this band is in the business of creating a 'new sound' every time they put pen to paper! Just Fab fellas!

*We look forward to having an in-depth interview with the band for the Spring 2016 issue of Starlight Music Chronicles Magazine (click here to see our most recent issue!) so make sure you subscribe to it and watch for it in March 2016!

Clever Branding for the new single by Lewis Tee
Transmitters Social Media Links: 

Monday, 1 February 2016

*SONG REVIEW*:by Michael McKenna | Malaya | Dreamcatcher

by Michael McKenna

Hailing from the beaches of the Tampa/St. Petersburg, FL. area, Malaya is making waves with a style of music that combines pop, alternative, progressive, hard rock, and a wee bit of metal. Just to be able to encompass all these genres in their repertoire and make them work for them is proof that they are moving in the right direction.

Recently on tour of the Southern states, East Coast and some in the Midwest, they have finely honed their music and have a vast library of music to be able to release 4 LP's in succession. With Robin Carbonell on vocals with her powerful pipes; Adam Irizarry jamming out on guitars; Dan Marcantonio giving up the bottom on bass and Dan Reitmeyer banging on the drums all day, they come together to create some really cool music.

The new track, “Dreamcatcher”, combines Dan R's energetic backbeat, with Adam's resonating riffs and Dan M's rhythms that should breakout in CHR/ALT formats in short order. Robin's strong vocals permeate throughout this track.

I can see this band turning the heads of music insiders and getting the just rewards that they deserve. I, for one, have become a believer and look for great things to happen to these talented musicians. On the Nor'easter Storm Scale, I give this track a FORCE 3! Well Done!

Review by Michael McKenna

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*NEW* Song Review: Palaye Royale | Don't Feel Quite Right

(l-r) Frontman Remington Leith, Guitarist Sebastian Danzig, and Drummer Emerson Barrett are Palaye Royale - Photo courtesy Management for Palaye Royale
by Michael McKenna

Canadian born, Las Vegas, NV based Rock Band Palaye Royale takes it to the next level with this new single. Newly signed to Sumerian Records, they are the latest big thing to hit the Fashion Art Rock international scene and are doing it in a big way. Their new video for the newly released single 'Don't Feel Quite Right' is totally out of pocket and slams you hard from the door with their guitar-driven, high-energy slamming sound and will show those who haven't yet heard of them that they are here to stay.

Even though the band has been in existence since 2008, they have been recognized over the years for their awesome talents, powerful stage presence and creative juices that flow so easily from these 3 musicians. Last year Palaye Royale was named champions of MTV’s “Musical March Madness” 2014; as they were the first unsigned act that was fan-voted to ever compete and win. Palaye Royale was featured alongside their single, 'Get Higher' in the 2014 worldwide commercial for Samsung Galaxy Note. Sold out shows in New York, Las Vegas and Toronto are a testimonial to their fans who they call the 'Soldiers of the Royal Council.'

Behind the Scenes photo of Frontman Remington Leith on set from the filming of
'Don't Feel Quite Right' - Photo Courtesy of Palaye Royale Management

I would speak of them as the next “Panic at the Disco” as their music does justice to that style in the way they compose, create, perform and just plain give it up! That my friends is “High Praise”!

For my friends in the U.S., they will be touring the East Coast and Midwest this month, check them out, you'll be amazed!

Review by Michael McKenna
Nor'easter Entertainment Magazine

Frontman Remington Leith on set of the filming for the video 'Don't Feel Quite Right' -
Photo courtesy of Palaye Royale Management


*Palaye Royale are about to embark on their next tour with ‘I See Stars’, ‘Chunk! No’, ‘Captain Chunk’, ‘Get Scared’, and ‘White Noise’ throughout the USA commencing February 17th, 2016. They will begin tour in Baltimore, MD and finish in Pontiac, MI on March 25th, 2016. (see below for complete tour schedule)

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