Thursday, 24 September 2015

Donna Marie & Michael J Cloke | SMC Review: *NEW* Song 'Just Someone I Used To Know'

by Candice Marshall

Only a little over a month ago, I received a friend request via Facebook from 'someone' named 'Donna Marie Sludds' and as per my usual routine when 'accepting a new 'facebook friend', I did my background check: Wikipedia (check), Website (check), Twitter (check), rave reviews and copious articles going back years (check check check!). Yes, that's what I discovered in my journey when researching this 'someone' known as Donna Marie AND Michael J Cloke (they come as a pair you see). This Irish-born husband and wife duo (who have been performing for a combined 19 years) have an extensive and creative music history with no signs of slowing down anytime soon.

In fact, today, their single and cover of the Dolly Parton & Porter Wagoner song 'Just Someone I Used To Know' (originally released in March 1970) has released and is already sitting at number FIVE on the iTunes charts! But I am not surprised, this is a duo which has been burning up the Country Music Scene across the pond in a huge way as established musicians (as well as actors - both have appeared in the History Channel's prime television show: Vikings). They have made many Television and Radio appearances globally with industry peers such as Davey Arthur & The Fury's, Brian Kennedy, Derek Ryan, The Saw Doctors & Jeannie Sealy, and the Moore & Moore sisters and their imprint and legacy in Country Music continues to grow toward North American shores as well as Globally. 


Just Someone I Used To Know

This song has been played many times in my grandfathers home while I was growing up so this would be a song that I am well aware of in it's original composition and sound. In fact, one could always hear Johnny Cash, Patsy Cline, Dolly Parton and Loretta Lynn (the Greats, as we called them) playing in that old farmhouse long ago so I have come to associate classic Country Music with some of the fondest of family gatherings to this day. When hearing any Artist re-creating music from these iconic Country Geniuses, I have a very selective ear as to whether they can 'make the cut' or not. 

So here's my take: There's no denying, Dolly has a very distinguished voice which is iconic Classic Country Music and she has definitely made her mark in Country Music History. However.......there is no mistaking Donna Marie's lilting and beautiful, established vocals in this re-make: that this is an Artist who has fine-tuned the art behind what Classic Country music should sound like and she probably has the troph(ies) to prove it too! (in fact, I know she does!) Now, combine this with Michael J's strong vocals and stunning composition, audibly, the two take this vintage jewel (song) and place it in the top of the crown. For the sake of the 'theme' of this article, we will call this a universal 'Rodeo Queen's' crown too.

I encourage anyone to take a moment out of their day today and sit and listen to two minutes and 56 seconds of 'blast-from-the-past' bliss also known as Donna Marie & Michael J Cloke. Then when you are done doing that, go and Google them: at least seven pages of content will pop up. From a girl who was raised on the prairies of Alberta, Canada, with Classic Country Music as a music staple in her household, I can honestly say that this duo uphold the tradition behind this classic song and present it with a signature twist all of their own. Well Done!


“Just Someone I Used To Know” is Available to download from iTunes and all major download stores today:

Google Play Store:


Social Media Links:

Donna Marie Email:
Michael J Cloke Email:

YouTube -   

Facebook –

Friday, 18 September 2015


This one came quietly to Starlight Music Chronicles(SMC), and just like his name suggests, he sweeps quietly in and out of the music scene as calm as a mid-summers eve. In fact, his new page on the SMC website titled: Clouds AS-Skin | Contributor isn't the typical 'In Your Face' bold graphics that you would normally see on our other pages: this is a collaboration of Graphics and Design. This is a new venture with a young Recording Artist who, although appears to be discreet, writes (and composes) powerful and compelling reviews that are honest, insightful and objective. This is Clouds As-Skin, and he is the NEWEST addition/Contributor to the SMC family. 

I met Clouds As-Skin via a mutual friend (and also extremely talented musician) Hayley Richman a little over a year ago and it was through a re-post she made of his song 'Wish You Could See' that had me from hello. The lyrics and melody combined were a perfect mix of power and beauty to create a hauntingly atmospheric piece. As a fellow writer, I could understand the creative edge that was presented before me, and so, like Clouds, I have quietly been following his musical journey.  In fact, he participated in the very first 'SMC Artist of the Month' competition held in August 2015 and as quietly as he slipped in, he slipped back out with exceptional grace. That's just who he is: never one to shout or promote himself from the rooftops (as is often required to be heard in this industry), this is a truly humble, talented, and incredibly intelligent individual and we are beyond happy to have him join SMC! As I always say, sometimes it is the quiet ones you have to watch....they are often just as full of epic creative substance as their opposites. 

Clouds As-Skins' official page has been launched a few days previous to this post awaiting on Artist approval and is now live on the website. Much like our Teen Beat writer IzzyB, you can expect some established creative pieces that give yet another perspective on the Artists we choose to support! 

Welcome to the team!

CA Marshall | Editor 
Starlight Music Chronicles

*Note: The page is linked to the Artists Tumblr account and is often updated as per his discretion. Please feel free to check in often via the little green icon next to the guitar on the front page of the website. 


Clouds As-Skin Official Starlight Music Chronicles Page

Wednesday, 16 September 2015

SMC REVIEW | The Cynz release 'SUPERFAN' album via Bongo Boy Records!

By CA Marshall | Editor-in-Chief
Starlight Music Chronicles

When you first begin listening to Bongo Boy Records newest Recording Artists ‘The Cynz’ and their album ‘Superfan’ (release date: September 8th, 2015), you really don’t hit euphoria until you hit track three with the song ‘Evolution’, and it is true nirvana when you get even further along into the album. What does this mean? Well, to sum it up, this is the equivalent to attending a three day festival: The first day everyone is pumped up and wildly dancing around and by day three, they are walking away, spent, nodding their heads in agreement that they had just witnessed the greatest music fest in their lifetimes. Coolest part about ‘Superfan’ is that you get to listen to it over and over again. This is a true garage rock punk sound that Vocalist Cyndi Dawson and Guitarist/Vocalist Henry Cynz have mastered.

It might sound a little derogatory to say that you need to skip past the first two tracks on the album, ‘Mean Girls’ and ‘Superfan’, to get to euphoria, that’s not in actuality what I am stating: truth be told, it is better to compare these two tracks to a ‘hyped up horse kicking at the barn door’ before it is actually released and calms down making this an album that is a powerhouse punch right from the start. THEN you get to the wide open field. ‘Evolution’ is absolutely my favorite on this album as it is a true punk rock sound that brings me back to a time when bands like The Clash and the Sex Pistols were the height of the day.

Going further into the album, you are brought back to earth with the song ‘Learn To Feel Alive’ and I am reminded of the 80’s beats that used to play on the turntable: a softer, more punk/pop sound which always made me fell comforted. ‘Quick Fix’, ‘Miles Between’, ‘Weight of the World’ and ‘Live Like We’re Dead’ pull you back into the swing of things, getting the party started again. ‘I’d rather be me’ and ‘Leave Me Alone’ have some super fun blatant lyrics with smashing guitar riffs which lead into ‘Right To Your Grave’ and ‘Blame It On The Kiss’ , a song that elicits visions of a Rocky Horror Picture show party full of misfits jumping around. The lyrics and sound invoke mischief and fun!

The final track on the album, ‘Something To Steal’ is truly the Sunday night festival encore: The beat combined with astronomical guitar riffs contrasted with softer lyrics is a real trip.

When I listen to this album, I close my eyes and see the Spiked Mohawk hair, Leather, Studs and piercings on the ‘Superfans’ who would  be walking around back in the day with the headset on and walkman tucked in their pockets. The songs are consistent throughout representing the bands persona and genre which will appeal to fans today that are yearning for a return of real and raw punk rock at its best. This is an album you will not want to miss out on. Headphones, anyone?  


The Cynz Social Media

Twitter: @CyndiCynz
Bongo Boy Records: 

Friday, 11 September 2015

SMC Review | REND drops POWERFUL *NEW* music single 'Skin and Bones'

by Candice Marshall

Just as eloquently beautiful and consistent with their last album, 'Winter to Summer', Canadian band REND has just dropped their brand new single release 'Skin and Bones' today and it is every bit of quality that this award winning band's fans have come to expect: absolute brilliance! At first, it sounded like a love song to me and certainly, for the purposes of the lyrics, it could be. However, after listening a few times, I interpret the song as: speaking about ones belief in a higher power and protection from that power in a world of people whose egos have consumed them. (Thus the title of the song) 

Frontwoman Carol -Lynne Quinn leads the band in a very lyrically powerful composition that talks about one looking past the surface of an individual and taking a deeper look within the beauty of their soul: lyrics like 'Everyone else is just skin and bones, but if I look close you're heart and soul, if I breathe you in, you make my head spin' specifically portrays this idealistic thought. The song throughout is ones reminder of staying focused on the positive and to always surround yourself in faith. This is a remarkable piece which reminds us to stop, take a moment in our busy lives and schedules, and remember the essence of who we are and how we can maintain a positive outlook in a sometimes superficial world. POWERFUL STUFF!

There is also a beautifully crafted lyric video (see below) which launched alongside the single release today and is also congruent with the branding REND has created. It is a must watch, even before listening to the song on it's own as it is very well orchestrated yet simple with thematic black and white tones throughout, almost like a peanut butter and jelly sandwich, they belong together.

Instrumentally, Bassist Jeff Quinn, Electric Guitarist Steve Roe, and Drummer Jordan Dempster have created poetic justice in conjunction with Quinn's' lyrics that create a true alternative sound conducive to their previous album. I have personally seen this band perform live and nothing is done in half measures: their sound is always a powerhouse round-kick punch with strong vocals, extremely talented instrumentals, and true to their original recordings. What you see is what you get from REND and it is always GOLD.

Well Done!

CA Marshall | Editor
Starlight Music Chronicles


REND Social Media:

Twitter: @RENDMUSIC 
Google+ : +RENDMUSIC 

Thursday, 10 September 2015

Bongo Boy TV and SMC Launch Their Biggest Indie Music Video Contest ToBe On National Television This Fall with ReverbNation

Press Release For Immediate Release Belvidere, NJ 

Bongo Boy TV with ReverbNation, who caters to more than 3 million music industry professionals, artists, managers, labels, venues, festivals/events the same source shows like The Voice and American Idol uses came together with sponsor Starlight Music Chronicles to offer a great opportunity for Independent musicians with Music Videos to be on Television this Fall. 



Starting today September 10th 2015 at 1:00pm, independent musicians with original music video can entry a new contest for free with a Reverb Press Kit account. This contest is open in all genres and runs through 10/10/2015. Winners will be announce on 10/15/2015. Bongo Boy TV and Starlight Music Chronicles will select Six (6) indie music videos, one entire TV episode, from ReverbNation submissions and air them on National TV with distribution by cable companies like NBC Comcast Universal, Cablevision, Time Warner, FiOS, AT&T U-Verse, Suddenlink, Charter Cable and RCN Network Television. This episode will air at prime times in cities like Nashville, TN, The Jersey Shore, New Jersey, Nevada, New Mexico, Oregon, California in towns across the United States. For a full list of distribution visit The TV Show is also available in The UK and Canada through GO INDIE TV ROKU CHANNEL. 

 In 2011, Grammy members Gar Francis and Monique Grimme, launched successfully The Bongo Boy Rock n’ Roll TV Show Series. And now The Bongo Boy Rock n’ Roll TV Show Series Presents Indie Music Videos from Around The World spotlighting independent artists and their music videos on 36 channels. Bongo Boy TV is NOT web TV but real television and is setting out to refresh and remake the indie music television experience by making it current and relevant to today’s media savvy audiences. Bongo Boy TV is like the awesome MTV but without soap operas and reality shows. BBTV brings your favorite indie band’s music videos straight to you on real television. 

Coming aboard this time is Starlight Music Chronicles (SMC) ( one of THE biggest and coolest online Music Entertainment Websites with five Contributors hosting monthly Indie Artist Competitions, Live concert Photography, Editorial features on Artists, photo shoots and a quarterly magazine! The site is owned and operated by Editor-in-Chief CA Marshall who also is a Contributor for Bongo Boy TV, Dynamic Magazine, Indie Music Bus, Indie Habit, and Nor'Easter Magazine. SMC is proudly affiliated with Morgan's Mission, Be The Game, Project Cuddle, and 'michigan' the Movie to name a few. 

This contest is made possible as CA Marshall from Starlight Music Chronicles and Bongo Boy TV supports indie musicians and their quest for greater success” TV show producer Monique Grimme shared. “We know TV viewers have asked for TV shows like The Bongo Boy Rock n Roll TV Show Series; MTV once dominated the scene and now we are filling their void. Bongo Boy TV’s distribution as grown enormously over the last 4 years with support from Bongo Boy Records and the artists that have featured their music videos on Bongo Boy TV. Together we are bringing Independent Music to Prime Time TV and nobody can’t stop us now. 

To enter this contest click 

Don’t have a ReverbNation account sign up for free here If your music video is selected, Bongo Boy TV will contact you to obtain an HD version of your music video. Your video must not contain violence, sex, or profanity. This opportunity is open to all genres of music and music follow FCC rules and guidelines for broadcasting. The show is rated is ALL AGES. 


For more about Bongo Boy TV go to 

Information about Starlight Music Chronicles go to or 

Media Contact: Bongo Boy TV – Email 
Phone 908-455-1576 
Contact: Monique Grimme 
Web site

Thursday, 3 September 2015

Emotion Sickeness Album Launch! | Bongo Boy Teams up with Swiss-Born Recording Artist Michael Resin

by CA Marshall | Editor
Starlight Music Chronicles

I am a romantic, a deep romantic and when I have those ‘moments’ when I have the urge to watch a vintage movie, or even a modern drama, or even a play (Phantom of the Opera is my personal favorite), I know I can keep working, ignore that urge,  and not waste a moment watching these films. Why? Well, Swiss-born Michael Resin has wrapped up all of these ‘desires’ in his brand new album (Released September 1st, 2015) by Bongo Boy Records and it is absolute magic to the ears! And all I have to do is hit the ‘play’ button on my laptop and I am in ‘my zone’. It is just that fabulous.

Heart-wrenching, languid, and sincere lyrics in absolutely every track elicit something deep within and I believe that this is the Artist’s goal as is suggested by the Album title: ‘Emotion Sickness’. I have been privy to listen to most of Resin’s tracks prior to the album release and I have to say that he has created a truly beautiful album which touches on every emotion of the human heart: sadness, desire, passion, frustration, anger, depression, and desperation. In life we all have emotions that we must face and/or conquer and the emotions derived from Love, Fear, Desperation, Desolation, and Circumstance is exactly what Resin has created: and he hits the nail on the proverbial head every single time in every single song. This is created with not only his brilliant vocal ability but also through gorgeous piano ballads that will truly pull at the heartstrings. Vocals and instrumental combined, it is truly magic.

But let’s talk about the song ‘Only Human’ for a moment here. After all, this was my very first experience listening to Resin via Bongo Boy TV. His video for the song was included in the episode I was reviewing and I remember that when the song had ended, I hit rewind. Then I hit rewind again. Then once more. I was absolutely blown away: I had never heard anything as beautiful as that song in my lifetime. Audibly you can hear the European flair in his vocals which only lend complete candor to this hauntingly beautiful song.  ‘Only Human’ is truly, the jewel in this albums crown.

Going deeper, there are collaborations in this release including the lovely gentle lyrics of French-born Betty Chrys in ‘Goodbye or Not’, a beautiful love duet (she has the vocal ability of Barbara Streisand here in ‘The Way We Were’) which elicits the struggles some couples face in their relationships: to go or to stay. Then there is the collaboration with Benjamin Karmer (also French), in the song ‘Thousand Tears’ which speaks to the heart about loss and coping with grief and Resin clearly and beautifully demonstrates in this ballad that it is perfectly okay to ‘not hide’ these emotions (through tears) because it is human to grieve in this way.

Other tracks in the album such as ‘Paralyzed’, ‘What I Feel For You’, ‘Believe in Love, ‘Point of No Return’, ‘I’m Free’, and ‘Falling of Deaf Ears’ are also stunning tracks and are consistent with the albums theme.

I am pretty selective when it comes to what I put on my iPod these days (after all, they can only hold so many songs right?) and I listen to hundreds of different genres and songs and artists every week. But with all due respect, this is an album which WILL be playing on my laptop steadily as I work. It has inspired me, lifted my spirits, understood my own struggles in life, and has brought me back to the very beginning, only several months ago when I first heard the enchanting vocals of Michael Resin. And that is the point dear readers: when an Artist leaves that kind of impression, they have succeeded in their creation as a truly gifted Artist. Make no mistake about it, Michael Resin, is that Artist.

This album is Starlight Music Chronicles approved! Well Done!  


Bongo Boy Press Release:

September 1st, 2015 - Bongo Boy Records announces the release of 'Emotion Sickness' The Debut Full Album by Swiss Recording Artist Michael Resin.

This 10 Track album is going to Asia; where it will be made available through Bongo Boy Records' partner in Hong Kong. Distribution includes: Japan, Mainland China, Taiwan, Malaysia, and other Asian Countries. Michael Resin is no stranger at Bongo Boy. As Music Video Director (The Team Pool Label), Michael has also promoted many great music videos in National TV with The Bongo Boy Rock n Roll TV Show Series. Micheal is making his debut on Bongo Boy Records with 'Emotion Sickness' and Bongo Boy welcomes him to their International Roster.

To Contact Bongo Boy TV:

Monique Grimme/Gar Francis:


Micheal Resin

Michael Resin is originally from the Alpine heights if Lausanne, Switzerland took accordion and singing lessons at a very young age. Recently he released a few singles and 2 albums with Stephane Resin under the group name Be-Boys. In 2015 Michael recorded his first solo single called 'Point of No Return' of his new album 'Emotion Sickness'. a second single 'What I feel For You' was remixed by Recording Artist and Producer Benjamin Karmer. On June 6th the third single 'Only Human' was released' proceeds of the sale of the single go to Aid The Children's of Africa. The song is a message of Peace and Freedom.

Also in June, the music video 'Only Human' aired on Television in New York City on The Bongo Boy Rock'n Roll Show and went in heavy rotation Coast to Coast on 33 TV Channels later that month. (Time Warner, NBCUniversal Comcast, FiOS, Charter Cable and many more). 

This month "Emotion Sickness' is available for digital downloads in Asia with Bongo BoyRecords. 
Available everywhere else on Amaon and iTunes later this month.


Michael Resin Social Media: