Tuesday, 21 January 2014

Bryan Finlay: 'Tonight is Alright' Behind the Scenes Photo Gallery

(l-r) Jon Squires, Drew Carlson, Bryan Finlay, and Vinnie Worth

Details! We had to watch everywhere we stood! Pretty sure I still have paint on my camera bag.....

Smaller Crowd assembles just prior to Finaly Filming....a larger group was added after this scene

Blake McWilliam (legs, right) and his Camera Crew double checking their footage

Boys start getting goofy here......

Up and away he goes! lol! The band taking a break from filming. I have so many funny shots I had a hard time choosing!

One half of the Mastermind behind HandsUp Records and Finlay's Manager, Ari Rhodes (center) with Recording Artists Olivia Wik (left) and Rachel Woznow (right) Olivia had me in laughing during editing-
almost EVERY photo I captured has her making a goofy face. LOL! 
Bryan asked the girls to pose with 'Pop Star Face' in this one...they missed the memo on that for this shot....too funny!
Hammertime! (AKA: Breaktime) Bryan hanging out with the cast

Three of the most talented young ladies you'll ever meet! (l-r) Recording Artists Rachel Woznow, Yasmeen Najmeddine, and Olivia Wik. Sooooo beautiful!

Playtime! Finlay and Rhodes have some playful wrestling banter between scene changes...Davidson doesn't even flinch lol! Boyz will be Boyz...

If you could caption this photo what would it say? I too, was speechless...the look on Rhode's face was like he was 'caught'. LOL! Even Davidson was laughing!

Stylist Cassy Meier (far right) preps extras for the 'Color Bomb' scene


Director Blake McWilliam (center facing camerman) gives direction to his crew

One of the COOLEST scenes ever! Dancing and Colorbombing! 
Everyone gathers to check out the footage....Last Scene of the evening 'Colorbomb Dancing'!

Finlay stayed right until the end and gives his nod of approval for the scene that was just filmed.

This young lady sure knew how to Bust-A-Move! 

Well, two out of three ain't bad.....LOL! Jon Squires, you're grounded! HA HA! (l-r) Drew Carlson, Vinnie Worth, and Jon Squires - The Band!

Details on Finlay's Costume was amazing - Very Creative!

BUSTED ON CAMERA! The boys at costume change

Drew Carlson, Guitar player for Bryan Finlay gets ready for filming to start

Drummer for Bryan Finlay, Vinnie Worth during filming

Cast members wait for their cue

Dan Davidson captures the moment

One of my personal favorites of Jon Squires (Guitar) and Vinnie Worth (drums). Everyone is alive in this pic!

McWilliam captures Worth on camera

The Dynamic Duo of HandsUp Records: Dan Davidson (left) and Ari Rhodes (right). 

The prettiest guitar in the west! Jon Squires set this baby down during filming and it took everything in me not to want to touch it! lol! soooo pretty! 

That's a Wrap Folks! Now, you'll have to wait for the video to come out! soon.........

Be Sure to go to: https://www.facebook.com/bryanfinlaymusic and keep watching for the release of this AWESOME video! 

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