Sunday, 2 March 2014

Tupelo Honey: Brave New World CD Release in Photos

The Stage prior to performance
The guys backstage! Love this photo

Fans and Friends unite!

(l-r) Brad Simons, Dan Davidson, and Greg Williamson (3 of 5) members of Tupelo Honey Backstage @ The Pawn Shop on Whyte Ave

Colton Taylor, fellow musician and friend of the band

Dan Davidson chats with friends prior to performance

Crowd gets warmed up

Greg Williamson (Drummer for Tupelo Honey) at the merchandise table

Recording Artist Olivia Wik (right) and friend

(center) Tyler Dianocky, Guitarist for Tupelo Honey making his way through the crowd. Probably the only serious face you'll ever see of him - love this shot

More Fellow Musicians and friends of the band (l-r) Carol-Lynne Quinn (REND) and Melody Lovejoy were present to show their suppport

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