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Naomi Psalm | 'Now You See Me' single review from 'Ghostumentary'

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by Randy Wayne Belt

You may remember awhile back I did a review of the music of recording artist Naomi Psalm called "The Musical Art of Naomi Psalm". ( )

And remember that section that talked about looking for a song by Naomi Psalm in October that was to be in a movie titled Ghostumentary

Well, it's here! The title of the song, "Now You See Me", and the atmosphere created in the song were made to fit perfectly for the film with the line "Now you see me - now you don't". 

And as always, with Naomi's consistently good songwriting, it is not only a good fit for the film but is also a very catchy song that will definitely be stuck in your head! 

Produced by Scot Alexander (from the Band 'Dishwalla'), the big thumpy beat that comes in and the thick bass sounds drive the song home accenting, pulsating and drawing you into all those little nuances, such as the effects on the vocals, which in spots will leave a haunting impression as you hear it in stereo. (Yes, stereo is still the best way to listen to music) The mixing job and effects on the vocals
are perfect and helped lend to the song the haunting effect that make the lyrics come alive.

The depth of Psalm's songwriting will always intrigue as you wonder what some of the deeper meanings of the lyrics are when she sings "I'm not only in your dreams, but that's the way it seems". If you are a fan of the song “Ink” from the Stare album, you’ll also be a fan of “Now You See Me”, whcih is in the same creative vein.

Naomi Psalm has proved once again that she is a consistently good songwriter and



Randy: How did you get started in music?
Naomi: I began writing poetry when I was 8. When I was 13, I inherited my grandfather's guitar and started playing. I am self taught, and would glean inspiration from friends of my parents that would come over and jam all the time.

Randy: Explain your passion for music:
Naomi: I am deeply passionate about music. It is what makes me feel alive. The world seems right when I am performing music, writing songs, and creating art.

Randy: What other creative arts are you into if any?
Naomi: I'm also a visual artist using the medium of water acrylics. I got into that in 2003 when I didn't want to pay someone else to design my album cover.

Randy: I also paint (oil paint), so I have to ask, was there any artists (visual) that have inspired you or that you look up to?
Naomi: No one in particular. I just really like artists that paint abstract and colorful.

Randy: Do you have a “pet” instrument? (your favorite guitar, a ukulele, etc.)
Naomi: My takamine is my favorite guitar and has been with me since my dad bought me it in 1993. It gets better with age.

Randy: Yeah, the older the instruments the better they sound. So, who are your biggest influences and musical role models?
Naomi: Brandi Carlile is one of my biggest influences. She's is an incredible singer/songwriter who really moves me.

Randy: What are you working on and what’s in the future for Naomi Psalm?
Naomi: I am finishing up an EP right now, as well as 2 music videos. I also just released a song that is in a movie 'Ghostumentary'

Randy: Does the EP you're working on have a title yet? And can you divulge any of the song titles from the EP?
Naomi: I have a title rolling around in my head, but it's top secret at this point.“Hole in the Carpet” and “The Postman” are 2 song titles I'll give away.

Randy: How did you get hooked up with doing the song for Ghostumentary? Did you write the song specifically for the movie? Or did you have something you were already working on that you tailored to the movie? How did it come together creatively?
Naomi: I am friends with one of the movie directors and he needed a theme song. I watched some rough footage for inspiration, and wrote the song specifically for the movie. That song came together really fast for me. The lyrics and music happened simultaneously.  

Randy: Do you have any collaborations going on or planned?
Naomi: There are 2 newly released songs out on YouTube that I have written with a local musician Ryan Bayne.

Randy: Cool! Link us up.
Naomi: 'Not My Kind' at
and 'I Don't Know Why You Love Me' at

Randy: Oh yes! Know and love those songs! Thanks for taking the time to interview!
Naomi: Sure! Thank YOU


Photo Credit: Jennifer Baker

You can preview and purchase "Now You See Me" on iTunes here:

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