Monday, 14 March 2016

Olivia Penalva | *NEW* Single 'Outshine The Stars' is GOLDEN

by CA Marshall

When I first heard of Canadian (Vernon, British Columbian) based Recording Artist Olivia Penalva, it was for a Reverbnation contest that Starlight Music Chronicles (SMC) and Bongo Boy TV ( hosted. Suffice to say, her charisma and charm was noticeably effortless on camera and off: this is a genuinely talented young songbird who carries each lilting note through carefully thought out lyrics and melodies that define her as soulful, classy, and incredibly centered (almost) 16 year old (Psssst...her birthday is in April).

March 21st will launch the release of Penalva’s new single ‘Outshine The Stars’, a deeply moving ballad about remaining positive even when the world challenges you and leaves you broken. The cleverly written lyrics matched with her powerful vocal ability warms the heart similar to her earlier single ‘Ferris Wheel’ except to say that audibly our little girl (SMC’s January Artist of the Month winner) is growing up. And, I’m not being sarcastic when I say this: I know that Olivia’s vocal ability currently at the age of 15 is just as supreme as it will be in a few weeks, it’s just that time has allotted this young talent even more expression and range and it is evident in this single.

In December 2015, our Contributing writer Randy Wayne Belt wrote a very in depth and insightful interview and review of the young Artist for our second magazine issue, and I encourage anyone wanting to learn more to have a read. (click here). He was right on the mark when he said (quote): ‘As a Singer, her voice has a timbre and character that make one think of a voice like that of Andrea Wittgens, Nora Jones, or Colbie Caillat.

I had the opportunity to meet up with Olivia in Edmonton while she was in town on a Radio tour earlier this month and sadly wasn’t able to but I can assure you that if ever she crosses my path again I will not miss her nor should you! Check out her new single by clicking the SoundCloud link below.


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