Sunday, 1 May 2016

NEW SINGLE | Swerve 'Are You Coming Home With Me?' is the Perfect Summer Hit!

by CA Marshall

'Are You Coming Home With Me?' sung by Gregory Mahdesian of the Los Angeles Band Swerve, is just the kind of question you would hear from one of those summer Romantic Comedies where the guy is at the bar and slyly asking the object of his eye to 'hang out at my place'. At least, that's the vision when you read the title.....

Now, plug this into your iPod and have a listen to know that the lyrics and instrumentation is much more than that in this New ling awaited single that simultaneously has released in fair proximity to The Fontaines 'Cold'. Suffice to say, awesome travels in herds (the two bands are alos very good friends!). However, the sound is completely flashback Alternative yet Retro 80's complete with the Brat Pack 'Molly Ringwald' Pretty in Pink visionary in the minds eye. 

This is a song about taking the plunge and asking the girl out once and for all. What is most delightful about the song is that the vocals aren't reminiscent of 'that guy' at the bar (as aforementioned), rather, it's a clean, hip, and refreshing classic visual of: boy-loves-girl/boy-finally-asks-girl-out. And in his best Shirt and Tie to boot! To me this is melody is also reminiscent of The Smith's in their candor and sonorous presence. If you are a Smiths or even a Simple Minds lover, this is the song you want to add to your playlist because it's definitely a summer hit! Have a listen below and be sure to check out their Social Media Links!

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