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SMC & ArtistMax | Special SMC VIP Artist of the Month Announcement!

March 7th, 2017

Since August 2015, Starlight Music Chronicles (SMC) has been hosting their Artist of the Month competitions which has been gaining some serious momentum globally. This event is an online only 50/50 fan and judge voted event that takes place for the next consecutive month from the 15th – 22nd with the winner being announced on the 25th. In June 2016, we ran our Artist of the Year event which landed over 22,000 votes to our winning Artist of the Year (AOY) IAMWARFACE and approx to 7,000 for OliviaPenalva, Teen AOY.

On August 2, 2017, we presented both Artists with VIP Scholarships to the ArtistMax (Los Angeles) program. In less than 2 weeks, our Teen AOY will be attending the March event in Los Angeles where she will meet with legendary Producer Ken Caillat (Fleetwood Mac) and his team which also includes his daughter and Grammy Award Winning Artist, ColbieCaillat. (click here to see our original announcement)

Here is a synopsis from the ArtistMax website on what this event/program/scholarship entails:

'ArtistMax is a 3-day intense artist development workshop designed by industry professionals to teach a new generation the current music business and to discover tomorrow’s superstars. Presented by GRAMMY Award winning engineer, producer and author Ken Caillat, (Fleetwood Mac) and initially held at the World-Famous Village Studios in Los Angeles, "ArtistMax gives developing artists access to the training, knowledge and coaching necessary to maximize their careers.’

Following our announcement of our affiliation as Media Ambassadors for the program in Season 1 of the AOY competition, we launched our Season 2 (2016-2017) AOM events with rapid word spreading to Europe and the UK. (Thanks Rebecca Singer! Check out Singer PR & Promotions while you're at it!) Bands/Artists such as Hannah CliveDaveIt Ferris, and TAMSYN were the successors of the Oct-Dec 2016 events and after a short holiday break, Scott Patterson’s SMITHRADIO crushed the February 2017 AOM event with a whopping 1112 final fan votes. Artist Lucien Dante ended up surpassing that record with a final 1129 Fan vote count. With only two events left to go (April & May) we are preparing for an 'amped-up' June 2017 Artist of the Year event which has now caught serious attention from Radio, Television, and Music Magazine (online and print) platforms where many of our featured Artists are being picked up for interviews and radio play.

Here's what the VIP Scholarship for our winning Artist of the Year 2017 will include:

·    One on One Vocal Coaching
·    Official Artistmax Songwriting and Collaboration Course
·    Publishing, Contracts and Artist Management
·    Branding, Social Media and the "Pitch"
·    Recording Vocals in the Studio
·    Production Tools and Arrangement
·    Individual Songwriting Breakout Sessions
·    Stage Performance and Movement
·    Makeup, Image and Style
·    Featured Grammy Award Winning Producer/Engineer

MARCH 7th, 2017 Special Announcement

In February 2017, ArtistMax officials reached out to SMC to offer a UNIQUE SMC DISCOUNT CODE to ALL Artist of the Month Competitors who were featured & promoted in our monthly events. Since we are a partner to ArtistMax, the team has graciously offered SMC Artist of the Month competitors an unlimited-use discount code for $250 (US) off the ticket price of the program!

We have been advised that there is still room for the March 24-26th weekend event and we can not stress the importance of getting your registration in ASAP. Please email editor@starlightmusicchronicles.com with the subject line as:
RE: SMC ArtistMax program discount for (Band Name Here)

If you are unable to attend the March event, we have been assured that the discount code will be effective for upcoming ArtistMac events. We will always be shouting out the newest event registration on our social media platforms so be sure to follow or like us on all our platforms to stay informed.

For more information on the ArtistMax program, please refer to the social media links below or click on the video! We have added this amazing program to our roster of growing elite organizations on our website www.starlightmusicchronicles.com

ArtistMax Social Media Links:


The following is a list of Artists that are eligible for this discount:

Season 1 SMC Artist of the Month Roster
·         Olivia Rose
·         Arkavello
·         Paul Woida
·         Nic Neufeld
·         Janay Thomas
·         Michael Resin
·         Jmaxx Artist
·         Radio Drive
·         Clouds As Skin
·         Under The Tongue
·         Jerry Hull
·         Three Beards
·         Lunden Reign
·         Lynda Law
·         Rachel Woznow
·         Olivia Wik
·         Brian Mackey
·         Mohsin Zaman
·         Shay Esposito
·         Alma Sibley,
·         The Moon Kids
·         Nicky Pearson
·         Van Halst
·         Natalie Jean
·         VOID
·         NOHC
·         Northern Heights
·         Logan and Sarah
·         Icky Hollow
·         Luke Potter
·         Mandy Ringdal
·         Carolina Magnolia
·         Virginia Grey
·         Seven Story Fall
·         New Mayans
·         The Roxy Suicide
·         Swerve
·         The Whiskey Darlings
·         The Fontaines
·         Dani Rosenoer
·         Beck Black
·         Magali Delarosa
·         Yemimah
·         Vladopus9
·         Mike Leponds Silent Assassins
·         Ntellekt
·         The Barbarellatones
·         Malaya
·         Kaylin
·         EMMARIE
·         The Lady AnonNYMous
·         Corners of Sanctuary
·         Johnny Sly
·         Abigail Belcher
·         We Love The Underground
·         Camryn Wilson
·         The Speed Of Sound
·         HAANA
·         Ryan Inglis
·         LoudKidz
·         The Skylarks
·         Michael Owens
·         After The Calm
·         Tony Valor
·         Juliana Strangelove
·         Peter118
·         Dustin Harder

Season 2 SMC Artist of the Month Roster
·         Punishment
·         Hannah Clive
·         Chris Watkins/Drunk Poets
·         The Killing Floor
·         Feed Them To The Forest
·         Lourdes Capall
·         DaveIt Ferris
·         November Skies
·         Council
·         Tony Hill
·         Hayley Richman
·         Little Crow
·         Odibal
·         MINT
·         Redvers Bailey
·         August Tides
·         The Dangerhounds
·         Wall Of Orange
·         The World In My Eyes
·         Sly Antics
·         TAMSYN
·         Go Ask Alice
·         SMITHRADIO
·         The Black Jackals
·         The One They Fear
·         Neil and Adam
·         Novustory
·         Lucien Dante
·         Stephanie Grace
·         Electric Mud

·         Kimball Hooker

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