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OFFICIAL PRESS RELEASE | SMC Launches Season II for Artist of the Year 2017

June 24, 2017 - As of 12:01am MST June 25th, 2017 in North America, fans all over the globe will be fastidiously voting for the next Starlight Music Chronicles (SMC) Artist of the Year.  

In June 2016, Starlight Music Chronicles launched the first ever Artist of the Year online voting event in two categories: TEEN and ADULT. This included all Artist of the Month winners from August 2015 to May 2016 and resulted in thousands of fans voting globally. Winners in the Adult category were IAMWARFACE at a whopping 22,000+ votes followed by Olivia Penalva winning the teen category with over 5000 votes. Both Artists have occupied a spot on our website and social media platforms over the last 12 months and they are about to pass the torch onto our 2017 Artist of the Year.

Now in our second season of this competition, the event has most definitely evolved and the stakes are even higher. The winnings, voting panel, and even our Judge panel has amped-up from five to seven prominent and notable music industry peers who possess valuable experience in the areas of Artist development, music journalism, and radio. In fact, one of our Judges is a Grammy Award-winning Artist! (see our Judges bios below)

The Prize Benefits
Our winner will take home a VIP Scholarship with ArtistMax (see details for the next ArtistMax event below), as well as a 12-month promotional period running from July 2017-June 2018. In this time, the winner will be promoted on the SMC website and social media, have three Radio interviews with Limehead Radio (our affiliates in the UK who are streaming live on the SMC SPOTLIGHT website), and have two Social Media Takeover events on the SMC and Limehead Radio platforms. This is our way of helping the Artist promote new music, campaigns, events, and tours throughout their ‘reigning’ year.

This is a 45% fan voted/55% Judge voted event. On June 25th, a poll will open up for Registered Fan Voting. Because there are three ways of registering a vote (Twitter, Facebook, and G+) Family, Friends, and Fans of the Artists competing can vote a total of 3 times for their fave in the five days of the event. Fan voting begins June 25th @ 12:01pm MST in North America and ends June 20th 11:59pm MST in North America. A link will be posted to the voting poll in a PINNED POST at the top of this event. It will also be shared everywhere on our Social Media.

SMC is a global media ambassador for ArtistMax and with Olivia Penalva giving rave reviews following her participation at the March 2017 event in Los Angeles, California we are confident that our next Artist of the Year will see great value in this event. In fact, at the March event, Olivia met with legendary Producer Mr. Ken Caillat (Fleetwood Mac), and Grammy Award Winning Composer David Foster. Having a VIP Scholarship available to our winning Artist means huge opportunities to network and develop their music career further.

ArtistMax founders and mentors hold credits for Katy Perry, Colbie Caillat, John Mayer, Jennifer Lopez, Fleetwood Mac, The Rolling Stones, Michael Jackson, Paul McCartney, and so many more. Their mentors and guests have achieved dozens of Grammy awards and have been responsible for over 100 million albums sold worldwide. Each ArtistMax workshop heralds a new celebrity artist and a Grammy-winning Producer.
Today, ArtistMax released this press release to their social media platform:
“Our next ArtistMax will be 4 days long, Fri-Mon over Labor Day Weekend!!!!We have added many new interactive panels to our line-up including group songwriting, social media feedback and break out panel, LETS TALK PRODUCTION (4 of your songs are reviewed roundtable by a group of esteemed industry vets), A Networking Party with some of LA's hottest producers, managers, booking agents, label execs, film directors and more, thrift shop field trip with celeb stylists, and so much more!!!! PLUS... our surprise celeb guests... means this next event will be insane!!!!We would like to welcome back all of our AM Alumni with our new AM Alumni Scholarship. Scholarship has a non-transferable, non-refundable value of $499 off of the normal program price, and cannot be used with any other discounts. From there, those that are fully registered will have an opportunity to submit a one page essay for a full scholarship.We can start a housing thread on here so some of you can share rooms if you like.As most of you know, we work really hard to make sure you guys have an amazingly fun, educational and rewarding weekend. With most of our attendees on some form of scholarship, we rely heavily on word of mouth as our main marketing source. Whether you are able to attend or not, we ask that you please give a shout out to ArtistMax and help us continue to grow this amazingly talented community. We are very excited to present to you, The Future of ArtistMax.”
 Find out more about ArtistMax (here).

Limehead Radio
In April 2016, we added yet another valuable prize to our roster. Limehead Radio in the UK reached out to us to see how they could also become involved with our Artist of the Month and Artist of the Year events by way of supporting our winning Artists on their platform via interviews and radio play of their music. In addition, they have agreed to coincide a Social Media takeover on July 31st, 2017, the same month we announce our winner and host a Social Media takeover on our own platform (July 15th, 2017).

Find out more about Limehead Radio (here)

The 2017 Artist of the Year Artist Competitors


The Judges

Candice Anne Marshall CEO/Editor Starlight Music Chronicles (SMC)

Candice Anne Marshall is a Music Journalist from Edmonton, Alberta, Canada who began her career by studying Journalism, Photography and Graphic Design at Grant MacEwan University in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada. She is the CEO and Editor in Chief at Starlight Music Chronicles Magazine & Entertainment Website interviewing some of the most notable professionals in the Music, Fashion, and Film industries. She has expanded on this career and is working as a Freelance/Contributor on many projects for Artists in the areas of Music, Film, Fashion and Lifestyle. She advocates for Non-Profit Organizations Globally in the areas of Branding, Social Media Campaigns, Biographies for websites, Articles in addition to Photography, Photo Editing and Graphics. (full bio here)

Some of the articles/content/photography/branding for Music Artists that Candice has written for/supported/interviewed are included on several forums including Magazine & Newspaper publications, Blogsites, and Webpages are: Hedley, Theory of a Deadman, The Road Hammers, Rex Goudie (Canadian Idol Fame), The Headpins, Beverley Mahood, Shane Yellowbird, Taylor Swift, Clayton Bellamy (Solo Artist | The Road Hammers), Adam Gregory, Candice Ryan, Rachel Woznow, Tupelo Honey, Bryan Finlay, Palaye Royale,  High Love Band (formerly, REND), Luke Potter, Johnny Marr (The Smith’s fame), Gary Numan, Olivia Wik, Bleu McAuley, Paul Woida, Andrew Scott, Hayley Richman, Little Crow, Jason McCoy (The Road Hammers), Nic Neufeld, Michelle Mollineux, Jasmine Singh, LIGHTS, The Hollywood Vampires, Nim Vind, Shay Esposito, Olivia Rose, IAMWARFACE, Jamie Lawson, Ed Sheeran, Reeve Carney, Scott Patterson (SMITHRADIO), Meghan Patrick, Olivia Penalva, Stuart Epps, Mario McNulty, New Mayans, Mateus Ward, Justin Ward, After The Calm, Lia Cole, Ari Herstand, The Fontaines, Dan Davidson, The 1975, Platinum Blonde, The Standstills, Joshua Shultz (Producer/CEO Bellus Magazine), Chelsea Debo (Actress/Model), Carly Jo Jackson (America’s Got Talent fame), Meresha (Billboard top 40 chart fame), Matt Lande, Narrow Plains, Jet Force Gemini, Christina Taylor, Ships Have Sailed, Ashlinn Gray, Lucien Dante, Dani Rosenoer (Three Days Grace fame), Brielle Von Hugel, The Upset Victory, Tom Bertram, Luke Wade, The Roxy Suicide, Swerve, Radio Drive, Brian Mackey, The Moon Kids, Natalie Jean, Carolina Magnolia, Barley Station, Kaylin, Ryan Inglis, Redvers Bailey, Wall Of Orange, Sallie Mood, John Ferriter  (The Tearaways | The Alternative), TAMSYN, Meresha, Codie Prevost, Luke Wade, Hannah Clive, DaveIt Ferris, Fashion Designer Melany Rowe, and Flash Jam to name a few and it is expanding every day.

Bridget Gardiner | ArtistMax

From Studio Manager of a recording studio for 9 years to Campus President at a recording college for 5 years, Bridge has been instrumental in shaping the next generation of music taste-makers. She is the CEO and founder of Buddha Global Consulting, LLC. Established in 2006, Buddha Global is a global networking and business development company that focuses and consults on project management in the creative and tech industries.

Special Highlights: Published Lupus Author, Elected VP of Industry Relations for Los Angeles Women in Music since 2014. Created and Produced annual star-studded NAMM panel for the last 5 years, ongoing. Created a National Lupus Support Group that has over 1k in lupus followers alone. Currently working to change it to a non-profit status.
Her client /company roster has included Producers, Authors, Videographers, Recording Studios, Music Schools, A record label, A start-up Medical spa, and consulting for various one-off projects, tech firms, events and educational training seminars.

Amrit Sond | Grammy Award Winning Artist

GRAMMY Award Winner & Solid Air Records (USA) Amrit Sond has graced the same billing alongside some of the world’s most renowned Guitarist’s on the scene today; Dominic Miller (STING), Hugh Burns (George Michael), Ronnie Johnson (Van Morrison, Leo Sawyer).
Born and raised in Nairobi, Kenya, he was exposed to African Folk Music at a very early age, and, being of Asian origin, Indian Music was always the backdrop of his family home life. He later studied Art and his family moved to the Middle East (Kuwait) where he then became interested in Arabic and eastern music. This coupled with the African and Indian Music influences that he grew up with, has helped shape his unique compositions.
His unique contemporary instrumental music draws on elements of World Music, Jazz & Classical all honed into a highly refined and melodically driven compositional approach.

Michael McKenna | Retired Radio & Club DJ

Voting Member at Neilsen Ratings
Voting Member at Josie Music Awards
Owner-operator at McKenna Reviews
Judge/Contributing Writer at Starlight Music Chronicles
Studied Journalism at Univ of Maine -Kittery
Studied Business Administration & Accounting at Commonwealth of PA

Mark Richards | CEO | Limehead Radio

Mark started the road to radio as many presenters do, by being the singer in a band. Way back in 2006 when he sported dyed black hair in a ponytail and enough eyeliner to color in the moon Mark discovered what it was like being in an unsigned band, making music and struggling to find a platform for it. This is what eventually led to Mark and a group of like-minded friends launching Limehead Radio. Mark founded Limehead Entertainment in 2010 as a live events company, holding their first gig in Portsmouth which was a huge success. Eventually Mark saw the potential audience of an online radio station and decided in 2011 to pursue that avenue. Since then Mark has been working with the Limehead team and all the amazing people he has met along the way to grow the audience for the music he plays.

Mike Lang | Radio | Music Director

Mike has over 25 years-experience in every facet of the radio industry, most recently several years as Music Director and mid-day host at 106.9 The Wolf in Nanaimo, BC. 

He has also had stints as booking agent/media liaison for a handful of known and lesser known artists.  In addition to that Mike is a sound engineer and has been known to perform as well. 

Pursuing his own dreams, he has recently quite literally sold his possessions in order to travel the world.

Carol Kaplan | SMC Contributor | Communications Consultant for Creatives

Owner/Founder of C A Kaplan Independent Services
Communications Consultant for Creatives, Small Businesses, Consultants, Entrepreneurs, and Non-Profit Organizations
Background in Advertising, Marketing, PR, Sales, Social Media Promotion.
Freelance Writer specializing in the Arts, Music, Creativity, Personal Growth & Development.
Freelance Photographer & Artist
Contributor for Starlight Music Chronicles

BFA in Graphic Communications/Journalism from University of Houston, Texas, USA

Follow the Artist of the Year Event (here) & be a part of SMC history by voting in our next AOY Winner. Our Voting Poll will be posted as a LINK in the event at 12:01am MST in North America. Full Rules are listed in the 'about' section of the event. 

Good Luck to ALL of our EXCEPTIONAL Artists! 

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