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Heating things up for SMC with Recording Artist Randy Wayne Belt

Starlight Music Chronicles Contributor & Talented Musician 
Randy Wayne Belt Barley Station

JUNE 10, 2015

Starlight Music Chronicles Officially Welcomes 
Randy Wayne Belt of Barley Station to the Team!

Randy Wayne Belt is the front man for the band Barley Station, and is it's engine and founder, and I am very pleased that he has reached out to SMC to become a contributor with music reviews from all over the Globe! He will give an insightful Musicians perspective on reviews for Recording Artists Globally and I look forward to his contributions going forward.
Randy has taken up the pen not only for writing songs but has written music reviews and related articles that have been published in American Pride Magazine, Indie Habit (affiliated with Indie Music Bus) and A.V.A. Live Radio.  On stage you'll usually find him playing his lefty bass and singing lead and harmony.  Barley Station's music is an eclectic blend of genres from Alternative Country and Americana to Pop to Folk, and shades of rock.   Their music has had extensive global airplay from inception and continues to make new inroads.
Their debut album After All  stayed in the top 40 in the Country/Alt. genre for four consecutive months (including two months in the top 10) on the APD Global Radio Indicator Charts, appeared on the Roots Music Charts, and on the CMJ reporting stations that added songs into rotation, those songs broke through the top 30 by the second week.

The group received two Best Song awards by The Akademia Music Awards in 2015, and has had nominations in different categories such as “Best Country Artist” as well as “Best Folk Artist” for the 2013 Artists In Music Awards, and “Best Country Artist” and “Best Composer/Songwriter” for the 2014 AIMA Awards.  Also, a contestant in the Texaco Country Showdown in 2013, Barley Station has done numerous interviews with radio and magazines globally, and has been featured and performed live on FOX 2 News, and on The DGS Show on 97.1 FM Talk in their home base area of St. Louis, MO.

While currently working on a third album, Barley Station's last album Damaged Goods is doing as reviewer Leicester Bangs (UK) says: "Where After All got their foot in the door,  Damaged Goods should see them push on through.”  With singles like "10 Nights" from the album receiving heavy rotation on stations around the globe that door is getting pushed wider and wider. 
They have recently launched (June 3rd, 2015) their video 'Younger Summer Memories' (see below) off the album Damaged Goods and is already receiving rave reviews as 'The Song of the Summer'.

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