Thursday, 4 June 2015

PAUL WOIDA: Making Radio Waves | A Photo Journey

What can you say when you spend four hours shooting with a Singer/Songwriter who just won $10,000 from a radio station? I am pretty certain that this visual image entry of my evening with Edmonton Recording Artist PAUL WOIDA demonstrates the Artists apparent joy. 

I first heard of Paul back in February when I saw a facebook friend share his video 'What Goes Around', a cover by Justin Timberlake. I was immediately impressed and just like others (in my roster of greats), I wanted to learn more. I spent the next several hours researching his You Tube Channel and found more nice discoveries: Katy Perry's 'Dark Horse', Taylor Swift's "Out of the Woods', and most recently (and well known in the Edmonton area and beyond) is his cover of Maroon 5's 'Sugar' (see below). 

Then I looked into some other original music on his channel and found another gem: 'I Will Never Love You'. It was at that point that I sent my friend request. I needed to interview him. Better yet! I wanted a photo shoot and an interview! He accepted immediately.

Three months later and after much organization among us, we finally connected. Can't be that hard right? We live in the same city! Not so. Woida has been pulled in many different directions since February. He has been competing in local radio station's #HotFactor2015 competition along with performing for fans all over the province. 'It was actually my friend who submitted my music to Hot107', said Woida. I was not surprised t hear of this win (June 1st - the same day of the shoot was the official announcement). Woida is a very talented and incredibly humble individual who has invested the last three years of his life to his art: Singing.

Woida began playing drums at the age of six years old among a family of talented musicians. "I think that at the time, I was forced to play drums because no one else would do it," he laughs, "but it did teach me a lot about rhythm!" It wasn't until he attended the music program at Grant MacEwan University that he found his true calling: "I began to play guitar and that made all the difference for me. I realized that All I wanted at that point was to continue on my path and work hard at it every day." 

Woida is a determined individual and family, friends and fans have been witness to this: he performs with a smile on his face and is truly engaging with his audience. In addition to performing for fans, Woida has also supported many charities and foundations - particularly for the local homeless shelter. "I think that is the best and artist can do is give back to humanity," he said smiling. 

The young Singer will be recording his first single with the money he has earned from his win and will be launching it in the near future. In the meantime, this joyful soul is happy to bring the gift of his beautiful voice to the world and continue on his path with live performances, videos, and personal interaction with his fans. 

What a joy it is to have Paul Woida in this world. I am quite certain there will never be another quite like him in this lifetime and I look forward to following his journey. 

Congratulations Paul! 

CA Marshall
Starlight Music Chronicles

All Photos Taken on Whyte Ave, Edmonton, Alberta, Canada
Photography By: Candice Anne Graphics & Photography
Model/Recording Artist: Paul Woida
*It was a pleasure to be a part of Paul's day - for this shoot, we just 'let the sun shine on on him'


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