Friday, 18 September 2015


This one came quietly to Starlight Music Chronicles(SMC), and just like his name suggests, he sweeps quietly in and out of the music scene as calm as a mid-summers eve. In fact, his new page on the SMC website titled: Clouds AS-Skin | Contributor isn't the typical 'In Your Face' bold graphics that you would normally see on our other pages: this is a collaboration of Graphics and Design. This is a new venture with a young Recording Artist who, although appears to be discreet, writes (and composes) powerful and compelling reviews that are honest, insightful and objective. This is Clouds As-Skin, and he is the NEWEST addition/Contributor to the SMC family. 

I met Clouds As-Skin via a mutual friend (and also extremely talented musician) Hayley Richman a little over a year ago and it was through a re-post she made of his song 'Wish You Could See' that had me from hello. The lyrics and melody combined were a perfect mix of power and beauty to create a hauntingly atmospheric piece. As a fellow writer, I could understand the creative edge that was presented before me, and so, like Clouds, I have quietly been following his musical journey.  In fact, he participated in the very first 'SMC Artist of the Month' competition held in August 2015 and as quietly as he slipped in, he slipped back out with exceptional grace. That's just who he is: never one to shout or promote himself from the rooftops (as is often required to be heard in this industry), this is a truly humble, talented, and incredibly intelligent individual and we are beyond happy to have him join SMC! As I always say, sometimes it is the quiet ones you have to watch....they are often just as full of epic creative substance as their opposites. 

Clouds As-Skins' official page has been launched a few days previous to this post awaiting on Artist approval and is now live on the website. Much like our Teen Beat writer IzzyB, you can expect some established creative pieces that give yet another perspective on the Artists we choose to support! 

Welcome to the team!

CA Marshall | Editor 
Starlight Music Chronicles

*Note: The page is linked to the Artists Tumblr account and is often updated as per his discretion. Please feel free to check in often via the little green icon next to the guitar on the front page of the website. 


Clouds As-Skin Official Starlight Music Chronicles Page

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