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Emotion Sickeness Album Launch! | Bongo Boy Teams up with Swiss-Born Recording Artist Michael Resin

by CA Marshall | Editor
Starlight Music Chronicles

I am a romantic, a deep romantic and when I have those ‘moments’ when I have the urge to watch a vintage movie, or even a modern drama, or even a play (Phantom of the Opera is my personal favorite), I know I can keep working, ignore that urge,  and not waste a moment watching these films. Why? Well, Swiss-born Michael Resin has wrapped up all of these ‘desires’ in his brand new album (Released September 1st, 2015) by Bongo Boy Records and it is absolute magic to the ears! And all I have to do is hit the ‘play’ button on my laptop and I am in ‘my zone’. It is just that fabulous.

Heart-wrenching, languid, and sincere lyrics in absolutely every track elicit something deep within and I believe that this is the Artist’s goal as is suggested by the Album title: ‘Emotion Sickness’. I have been privy to listen to most of Resin’s tracks prior to the album release and I have to say that he has created a truly beautiful album which touches on every emotion of the human heart: sadness, desire, passion, frustration, anger, depression, and desperation. In life we all have emotions that we must face and/or conquer and the emotions derived from Love, Fear, Desperation, Desolation, and Circumstance is exactly what Resin has created: and he hits the nail on the proverbial head every single time in every single song. This is created with not only his brilliant vocal ability but also through gorgeous piano ballads that will truly pull at the heartstrings. Vocals and instrumental combined, it is truly magic.

But let’s talk about the song ‘Only Human’ for a moment here. After all, this was my very first experience listening to Resin via Bongo Boy TV. His video for the song was included in the episode I was reviewing and I remember that when the song had ended, I hit rewind. Then I hit rewind again. Then once more. I was absolutely blown away: I had never heard anything as beautiful as that song in my lifetime. Audibly you can hear the European flair in his vocals which only lend complete candor to this hauntingly beautiful song.  ‘Only Human’ is truly, the jewel in this albums crown.

Going deeper, there are collaborations in this release including the lovely gentle lyrics of French-born Betty Chrys in ‘Goodbye or Not’, a beautiful love duet (she has the vocal ability of Barbara Streisand here in ‘The Way We Were’) which elicits the struggles some couples face in their relationships: to go or to stay. Then there is the collaboration with Benjamin Karmer (also French), in the song ‘Thousand Tears’ which speaks to the heart about loss and coping with grief and Resin clearly and beautifully demonstrates in this ballad that it is perfectly okay to ‘not hide’ these emotions (through tears) because it is human to grieve in this way.

Other tracks in the album such as ‘Paralyzed’, ‘What I Feel For You’, ‘Believe in Love, ‘Point of No Return’, ‘I’m Free’, and ‘Falling of Deaf Ears’ are also stunning tracks and are consistent with the albums theme.

I am pretty selective when it comes to what I put on my iPod these days (after all, they can only hold so many songs right?) and I listen to hundreds of different genres and songs and artists every week. But with all due respect, this is an album which WILL be playing on my laptop steadily as I work. It has inspired me, lifted my spirits, understood my own struggles in life, and has brought me back to the very beginning, only several months ago when I first heard the enchanting vocals of Michael Resin. And that is the point dear readers: when an Artist leaves that kind of impression, they have succeeded in their creation as a truly gifted Artist. Make no mistake about it, Michael Resin, is that Artist.

This album is Starlight Music Chronicles approved! Well Done!  


Bongo Boy Press Release:

September 1st, 2015 - Bongo Boy Records announces the release of 'Emotion Sickness' The Debut Full Album by Swiss Recording Artist Michael Resin.

This 10 Track album is going to Asia; where it will be made available through Bongo Boy Records' partner in Hong Kong. Distribution includes: Japan, Mainland China, Taiwan, Malaysia, and other Asian Countries. Michael Resin is no stranger at Bongo Boy. As Music Video Director (The Team Pool Label), Michael has also promoted many great music videos in National TV with The Bongo Boy Rock n Roll TV Show Series. Micheal is making his debut on Bongo Boy Records with 'Emotion Sickness' and Bongo Boy welcomes him to their International Roster.

To Contact Bongo Boy TV:

Monique Grimme/Gar Francis:


Micheal Resin

Michael Resin is originally from the Alpine heights if Lausanne, Switzerland took accordion and singing lessons at a very young age. Recently he released a few singles and 2 albums with Stephane Resin under the group name Be-Boys. In 2015 Michael recorded his first solo single called 'Point of No Return' of his new album 'Emotion Sickness'. a second single 'What I feel For You' was remixed by Recording Artist and Producer Benjamin Karmer. On June 6th the third single 'Only Human' was released' proceeds of the sale of the single go to Aid The Children's of Africa. The song is a message of Peace and Freedom.

Also in June, the music video 'Only Human' aired on Television in New York City on The Bongo Boy Rock'n Roll Show and went in heavy rotation Coast to Coast on 33 TV Channels later that month. (Time Warner, NBCUniversal Comcast, FiOS, Charter Cable and many more). 

This month "Emotion Sickness' is available for digital downloads in Asia with Bongo BoyRecords. 
Available everywhere else on Amaon and iTunes later this month.


Michael Resin Social Media:

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