Monday, 25 April 2016

SMC ANNOUNCES *NEW CONTRIBUTOR* | Verena Evelyn Puhm 'The Hollywood Girl'!

by CA Marshall

Once again we have opened the gauntlet of creativity by welcoming in yet another Brilliant and talented contributor to Starlight Music Chronicles! Everyone, please welcome Verena Evelyn Puhm to our amazing team of Contributors!

Verena Evelyn Puhm comes from a very diverse background: known in her circles as ‘The Hollywood Girl', Puhm, originally from Austria, is a young European Actress/Writer/Director. and Producer venturing out into Los Angeles, California and documenting her journey for others abroad who also look to understand the complexity of what it takes to 'make it' in the City of Angels.

Verena will be Vlogging her journey of the life and times of an Actress in the big city on our Screen here on the SMC Website which will be linked to her YouTube channel. She will also continue writing frequently on ‘The Hollywood Girl’ so be sure to subscribe to her blog (Click Here)! In addition, she has also committed to a section of our Online Magazine with frequent features in the magazine. This will give a well rounded perspective from all of our Contributors from all over the globe!

Please check out the introductory video on our NEW PAGE (click here) to see who and what the lovely and talented Verena Puhm is all about.

Welcome to the Starlight Music Chronicles Team Verena!

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