Friday, 15 April 2016

SMC Announces *NEW PODCAST RADIO SHOW* Ft. Ty the Voice Guy April 15th, 2016 Webpage Launch!

By CA Marshall

Today is the day – the day Starlight Music Chronicles (SMC) makes their own history with the launch of the NEW Starlight (podcast) Radio platform to the website! Almost a year ago when the website originally launched there have been many strides and accomplishments such as the launch of our online magazine October 29th, 2015, alignment with three nonprofit Organizations that we support, and the introduction of Starlight Film with Actor and Producer Parris Williams. It was only a matter of time that the demands by fans to SMC would want a multi-media site showcasing our brilliant Contributors penchant for exceptionally written pieces, Art, and photography.

Today, we officially announce the addition of Ty Anderson, known as Ty the Voice Guy to many. Ty is the Host of the Starlight Radio component of our website and will be Hosting two half hour shows to begin with commencing April 29th, 2016. We will be posting announcements on our Calendar on the Website for show times and dates as well as social media blasts on our Facebook Page and Twitter platforms.

So let’s delve a little further....Who is Ty the Voice Guy? We took to asking and here’s what he told us:

“When I was growing up "back in the day", the one thing I looked forward to was Saturday morning cartoons. I found that I could mimic the characters and make my family and friends laugh. That was my first exposure to character voices.

As I got older, my influences grew with me. Robin Williams, Steve Martin, Saturday Night Live, and SCTV were outrageous, improvisational and full of characters that have led me down the road to what I am striving for today...professional Voice actor.
After High School, I ventured to Montana and attended May Tech, majoring in Radio Broadcasting. Shortly after graduation, I worked at various radio stations as an on-air personality, from Talk to Rock, Anywhere I could get my name out there.
I returned to the Seattle-Tacoma area searching out better opportunities.
My work includes live call-ins and spots for local and out of state radio, a vocal re-recording of a movie for a college final project, indie films as an actor and voice actor and continue to keep my voice work moving forward.
Currently, I am taking any voice work I can get...and loving it. I am available for, but not limited to, VO's, Commercials, Video Games, Animation, Audiobooks and Promos.”

So there you have it! Ty comes to us with an extensive background in Radio Broadcasting and has already proven to be a class act on our Pilot Episode (click here) launched on April 7th, 2016 as well as featuring his 'Skill' for a few brilliant promo spots on our YouTube channel where he has impersonated the late Alan Rickman, Bobcat Goldthwait, Sir Elton John, and now, Casey Kasem. We are certain will be yet another brilliant star in the SMC crown!

Be sure to watch for upcoming announcements about our first show airing on Tuesday, April 26th, 2016 and in the meantime, check out the new page and all of its features - there are some great things to come! Welcome to the Starlight Music Chronicles family Ty!


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