Friday, 6 January 2017

Ed Sheeran's Epic Return

by CA Marshall

I'm listening right now while typing this review and I feel I can't type this fast enough! The world needs to know just how magnificent these somgs are! I am talking about 'Castle On The Hill' and 'Shape Of You', the newest singles by UK born Singer-Songwriter Ed Sheeran. They are already on my iPhone and are most definitely on repeat. 

This is one Musician whose art will always stay current, dynamic, and completely addicting. As he has done previously in + and x, his two new singles follow suit in terms of intense lyrics that hold personal depth and meaning. let's face it, Ed knows how to extract the human emotion by pulling at the heartstrings and he never ever misses his mark.

'Castle On The Hill' is an ode to the fondest memories we can all relate to: no matter how long you are away, there's no place like home. The instrumentation here is upbeat, fresh, and completely addictive. This is a personal song I feel, where he's sharing how he was missing friends and family for so long while on tour. This is a song that gives us true insight of this Artist who is always in touch with his emotions. If you've ever treasured a friendship dearly, this is the song you need to have in your 'favorites' playlist. On repeat.

If 'Castle On The Hill' is addictive, then 'Shape Of You' is the obsession. This song is completely divergent from 'Castle On The Hill' and yet, is signature 'Ed style\ in lyrical and vocal presentation.

After a year of silence (intentional), Sheeran made the public statement that he needed to 'go back to his roots and connect with his family and friends'. He has emerged like the old friend you lose touch with but spend ten minutes getting reacquainted and it feels as though no time has passed: this was a seamless re-entry back into the spotlight. Ed Sheeran s clearly ready for the next phase of his life and is prepared to 'bring it'.

When he made his last tweet in 2015, he promised to come back with \something great'. Only days ago, the 'Popsicle colored blue' branding began sprouting up on all of his social media platforms. Indeed a year had passed and it was go time. Only 5 days ago, he made the public announcement that he was going to release the golden nugget we've all been waiting so long to hear. Folks, the wait is finally over: Ed Sheeran is back, and he continues to bring us something magical. 

Welcome back Ed!

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