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SMITHRADIO | Gilmore Girls Actor and SMITHRADIO frontman Scott Patterson debuts 'HA HA' and its a NUMBER ONE hit!

SMITHRADIO frontman and Actor Scott Patterson behind the scenes on The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon November 22, 2016
By CA Marshall

When he isn’t ‘Luke Danes’ from the epic new original Netflix series Gilmore Girls (GG), Los Angeles, California Based Actor Scott Patterson is the frontman for his own band, SMITHRADIO, (previously GORDON), a band he formed in June 2016 who have been blazing a trail of success ever since. Following their live benefit concert performances in West Virginia and New Jersey, the band headed back to LA anxious to begin recording tracks for what will be their upcoming debut album. Since, there’s been a pandemic among SMITHRADIO fans clamoring to hear even the tiniest sneak peek and their wait is over with the recent launch of HA HA, the band's debut single.

Before we get into the review, let’s back up a little and look at the chronological timeline of how this has all unfolded:

At the time of our last interview in September, Patterson was meeting only a few days later with the producer for the album. A few weeks later, a photo emerged on the SMITHRADIO facebook page featuring the frontman with Composer and Music Director Michael Nomad Ripoll (known for his work with Kenny Babyface Edmonds - “Playlist”, Celine Dion - “Loved Me Back to Life”, Justin Bieber - “Believe”, Colbie Caillat - “Gypsy Heart”, Barbra Streisand - “Partners”, and Aretha Franklin - “Sings the Great Diva Classics”) and Steve Ferrone, Drummer for the rock band Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers (Ferrone is a former member of the Average White Band and has recorded and performed with Duran Duran, Stevie Nicks, Christine McVie, Slash, Chaka Khan, Eric Clapton, Bee Gees, Scritti Politti, and Johnny Cash). The quote on the photo simply read:

“With #SteveFerrone and #MichaelNomadRipoll Recording EP! #Epic! #RockBand #RockAlbum #Nomad #ScottPatterson #DebutAlbum #Pumped”
Then, on October 20th, Patterson again posted a second studio photo of himself with Producer Rich Mouser at ‘The Mouse House’ Studio in LA. This time the message read:

"Zoux Magic! Trax Magic! @nomadsplace @RichMouserMusic @zouxmusic #RockAlbum #GilmoreGirls #ScottPatterson"

Mouser’s client credentials include: Robert Trujillo (Metallica, Ozzy Osbourne); Chris Vrenna (Marilyn Manson, Nine Inch Nails, Tweaker); Joe Holmes (Ozzy Osbourne); Tears for Fears; Chris Cornell; Dream Theater; Transatlantic; Oleander; Weezer; and Spocks Beard. It is clear that Patterson has carefully chosen to align SMITHRADIO with some of the industries finest for the world debut of HA HA.  

Following the recording photo posts on social media, Patterson announced that SMITHRADIO’s debut single HA HA would drop on iTunes, Google Play, and Amazon November 23rd, 2016, only two days before the world release of Gilmore Girls: A Year In The Life on Netflix sending fans into a frenzy. On November 22nd, Patterson appeared on The TonightShow with Jimmy Fallon alongside his GG alumni, Sean Gunn and Liza Wiel. Along with discussion about the new original Netflix series, Fallon also took the liberty of expressing his keen interest in the new single. (see below).

The timing of the HA HA song release (by Patterson’s newly formed label ‘Blind Horse Records’) in conjunction with the Thanksgiving holiday and GG Netflix release was brilliant planning on his part, because it currently sits at number one on the iTunes Indie Rock Song Top 100 Chart making it the best selling single for 2016 on iTunes in that genre. This has been much-anticipated from the band’s fans on a global scale. In fact, during a recent interview with Patterson (for our Spotlight series - see here: GORDON No. 1 and GORDON No. 2), he admits that the band’s international fan base response has been incredible.

Upon listening to HA HA for the first time, I could immediately identify with Patterson’s writing style: he admits that Musician Patti Smith is a muse for his compositions and the classic Punk Rock vocals and instrumentation you hear in HA HA is reflective of this fact. This is an extremely heart-pumping raw number infused with creativity unheard of in today’s music industry and I must say, it’s about time! This is the kind of sound reminiscent of the early 80’s Punk Rock scene with an original twist of its own. Patterson is very serious about demonstrating his ability to bring his years of collective artistic creation (he’s been writing since third grade!), vision, and passion for Punk Rock music into fruition and he has achieved that in the form of HA HA.

When interviewing Patterson last, he mentioned that HA HA 'wasn’t like anything anyone has ever heard before', and he is correct in this claim. This is a song that enters with drums pounding at mach speed followed by intense guitar riffs that will blow your mind! The lyrics, a mix of emphatic anger and excitement, are something you can easily imagine on the CBGB stage back in it’s hey day. 

HA HA is the perfect song to debut SMITHRADIO because it shows exactly how far this band is willing to stretch conventional ‘debut’ boundaries both lyrically and instrumentally onto the indie music scene. I find that often, bands will come in with something a little more timid and cautious and this finds them often overlooked when it comes to serious radio play. HA HA breaks this mold: it is a song that breaks out of the barn gates kicking, screaming, and waking up the neighbors. To be perfectly honest, it wouldn’t surprise me if it were picked up by every major radio station on an international level. HA HA is a crash-course for GG fans who more than likely wouldn’t expect something like this from the seemingly reserved, introverted, and grumpy ‘diner owner’ in Stars Hollow. In fact, I could easily envision Patterson performing HA HA at full on intensity then dropping his mic, walking off the stage elated, dripping in sweat, and leaving his audience jumping up and down shouting for more.

Now that SMITHRADIO has spread its wings with the ‘HA HA’ debut, we are looking forward to seeing how high the rest of the album can soar. There's already tour talk slated for early 2017 and an appearance on the TODAY show November 29th. We are confident that we are witnessing the beginning successes from a band that will absolutely go the whole distance. 

SMITHRADIO, you are bookmarked and in our top ten and your fans are ready for more – now, BRING IT! 


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