Sunday, 5 July 2015

Steven Tyler | HRD: ''HIS ROYAL DUDENESS' Label by Xristopher Bland

'In Posting a humorous Starlight Music Chronicles (SMC) item three days ago in which I called for an 'International Appreciation of Hippies', I want to say that 'His Royal Dude-ness', Steven Tyler took up that call in his newly released video for 'Love is Your Name'. Shot on the outskirts of Nashville with members of Tylers band Loving Mary, the video reflects Tylers' move from rock to country in the opening shot, where strands of colorful silks lay from a rock stage to a small cabin in a field. Yet through a blend of Tylers trademark vocals and a luscious swirl of peasant skirts, acoustic guitars, headbands and more, both the song and video walk on sch a Chic Gypsy vibe that, where the images reflect elements that have been integral to Tyler's life, they elevate the notion of the hippie from standard contemporary caricature in a song reminiscent in places of early Fleetwood Mac. The entire video is artfully respectful to a significant subculture presented as new and so alluringly, it's hare not to ask the question, 'Where do you buy your threads, Steve?' and 'How soon do they open so I can grab some?' As for grabbing Tylers forthcoming Country Album, it will be coming out on the Big Machine imprint Dot Records, though no release dates have been set as of yet.' - Xristopher Bland 

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