Wednesday, 27 January 2016

Luke Potter | 'Should I Stay' *NEW* Video Review

*EXCLUSIVE* Behind the Scenes photo of Luke Potter (center, facing) during the filming of his new video 'Should I Stay' - photo courtesy of Luke Potter Music

by CA Marshall

Once again, British Indie Pop Artist Luke Potter has delved deep into the heart and pulled out another winner in his newest video release: 'Should I Stay', a song about being emotionally torn in an already delicate relationship thus eliciting the question: Should I Stay (or should I go?).

This isn't something new to the music industry in terms of matters of the heart and song creation from that, but Potter always manages to take those emotions and pull them into one smooth languid gentle tug on the heartstrings in every nuance throughout the song making this a truly unique number.

'Should I Stay' was written by Potter and his good friend Casey Abrams (American Idol) during Abrams visit to the UK in the spring of 2015. It was recorded in Los Angeles and produced by Bleu McAuley (Jonas Brothers, Demi Lovato, Adam Lambert, etc). Abrams provides backing vocals and 'chanting' on the song, which also features Joe Seiders (New Pornographers, Beat Club) playing keyboards and drums. 

*EXCLUSIVE* Behind the scenes of the filming of the 'Should I Stay' video - Photo courtesy of Luke Potter Music

The video (see here) itself is a beautiful instagram-worthy kaleidoscope of color wrought with emotional scene changes and brilliant acting throughout. It's definitely worthy of a watch! 

In following Potter's career over the last couple years, we have seen him really evolve from his 'youthful pop' vibe evolving to 'ripened' themes and lyrics. If you have not seen our recent interview with Potter in our Holiday Issue 2 of Starlight Music Chronicles Magazine check it here!

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