Thursday, 21 January 2016

*NEW* Song Review: BARLEY STATION'S 'LIKE DESTINY' released today!

by CA Marshall

The long awaited single 'Like Destiny' by Missouri based Barley Station has launched today and, well, it's bloody fabulous! It is the band's music which originally connected Vocalist Randy Wayne Belt to Starlight Music Chronicles via mutual industry friends and there is definitely credibility that needs to be recognized here: Randy Wayne Belt is an exceptional writer and it clearly shows in this new release. 

All instrumental, mixing, vocals, and production was created singlehandedly by Randy and it is a credit to both his multitasking abilities & talent that such a pretty song has been created in such a short amount of time! In addition to his meticulous and consistently polished articles that he writes for Starlight Music Chronicles Magazine and online, he is able to continuously create something new every time for Barley Station and keeps up with the growing fan base. 

In the wake of last fall's epic 'Double Star' release on October 15th, 2015, 'Like Destiny' is a Mellifuous blend of both instrumental and vocal brought home with a folk/rock blend truly consistent to what is now known as 'The Barley Station Sound'. 

Congrats on yet another single knocked out of the park!


To find out more go to (Click to be directed):
Link to purchase 'Like Destiny': iTunes

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