Friday, 8 January 2016

Masterpiece 'LIVE' Art by Just Joe Clarke
by CA Marshall

It isn't everyday that you come across something as completely extraordinary and different with individuals such as Joe Clarke on this Earth when you consider the likes of many of the Great Artists like Picasso, Renior, Monet, Degas, Klimt, and Davinci  (to name a few) who have also walked a similar path to greatness with their Art. 

Last February, I was witness to this unique individual when we met at an Art Battle competition. Art Battle ( is the Art World's filmed version of 'The Voice' or 'American Idol' where 12 Artists compete in two rounds of 6 to make it to the top 4 who compete in a final round of live painting which is a race to complete their painting in 20 minutes. Joe happened to be in my round and upon meeting him in his iconic over-sized 'Mad Hatter' hat, I knew instantly this was someone different. After our first round, I discovered I was right! (see photo below for one of Joe's finished pieces from the event)

Art Battle - February 2015 where I met Joe

Known in the Artist Community as: Just Joe Clarke, this Artist has been paving his path for the last seven years as an outlet to channel his own personal healing process. The result is nothing short of amazing. 

In addition to his already vibrant and stunning paintings, Joe has incorporated a canvas of a different sort: Live Models. Yep! You heard it right: Joe literally paints models into his canvases making for a truly unique Live Art Display that has the whole community talking. In fact, he has also turned his art into a means of giving back to the community with the inception of his Breast Cancer calendar that will be a topic for discussion on CTV news in the coming weeks. (don't worry, we will be sure to share it:)). (see below)

An Artist and his Muse - Joe preps a model for his painting featured at the start of this article

So why are we talking today about fine Arts instead of Music? Well we are happy to announce that Joe has come on board as our resident Artist for the new 'ARTS' section of Starlight Music Chronicles Magazine! In our December 2015 issue we began phasing in Fashion and now, we are delving into the Arts as a way to support our communities globally and locally (also, we've been asked, 'Are you going to add an ARTS section to the magazine?) So - voila! There you have it: if you click on Just Joe Clarke's name at the start of this feature you can be directed to his brand new page on our site. From there, you may contact Joe directly to commission a painting, connect to his blog, find out more about him, or even discuss with him the possibility of a feature in our Magazine. 

Welcome to the Team Joe!

(click below)
Just Joe Clarke on SMC 
Just Joe Clarke's Artist Blog

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