Friday, 8 January 2016

David Bowie: Epic Release of BLACKSTAR Album & Birthday Wishes

by CA Marshall

I really thought I had begun the year on a positive note when I saw the new Star Wars movie for the first time only this week, but as luck would have it, my ears were treated to it's absolute equivalent with the release of David Bowie's 'BLACKSTAR' album today, his 69th Birthday. 

I have listened to this album from beginning to end and it is safe to say this: in his whole career from the 'good ole days' (known as Ziggy Stardust to our younger generation of readers) right through the 80's (when I was introduced to his epic awesomeness) up to this very moment as I type these words, David Bowie is and always will be the epitome of EPIC COOL.

Classic Bowie as 'Ziggy Stardust'

This album is all new and yet, all familiar in its content: the lyrics and sound in each song are truly reminiscent of a time long ago when Bowie was known as 'the strange one' and yet, they reflect a man who has effortlessly and unquestionably pulled off this 'epic weirdness' with the kind of class that is uniquely his own: it is just who he is and who we know him to be. 

I believe that a younger generation of listeners are in for a real treat with this album and I really mean that. In a day where there is so much production of 'cookie cutter' music (let's call it that for arguments sake), this album goes beyond something new: it is a special and unique compilation of Bowie's vintage sounds mixed with modern jazz accents that are perfectly suited to everything from the ecclectic Artsy College crowds to the high class society Dinner Parties to that moment when one just needs to sit down, chill the ____ out, and be taken to a place otherworldly. Clearly, this mastermind has mastered his own Art and has gone a step beyond with this album.

No other song is the same in this album yet they are completely Bowie: reflective, new age, modern, vintage, (modern and vintage? yes - a feat Bowie pulls off well!) classy, fun, unique, and different! And don't get me started on this man's iconic vocals: they are flawless and reminiscent of the 'Little China Girl' days that I remember where just hearing his voice made my ears perk right up. 

I am extremely picky about what I choose to listen to over and over and over again. It has to really have staying power for me to want to hear a song (no less, an album) more than once but this album in it's entirety is impeccable and is already on my iPod, iPad, iPhone and will be for years and years to come. 

Thank you David Bowie. You have treated US on YOUR birthday to the greatest gift of all: you. Happy Birthday to you and and to the inception of BLACKSTAR!

Does it get any better than this? 

PS: My favourite songs on this album are 'Girl Loves Me', and 'I Can't Give Everything Away'. Impeccable and Classic. Also, see Star Wars and you'll know what I mean.




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