Monday, 1 February 2016

*SONG REVIEW*:by Michael McKenna | Malaya | Dreamcatcher

by Michael McKenna

Hailing from the beaches of the Tampa/St. Petersburg, FL. area, Malaya is making waves with a style of music that combines pop, alternative, progressive, hard rock, and a wee bit of metal. Just to be able to encompass all these genres in their repertoire and make them work for them is proof that they are moving in the right direction.

Recently on tour of the Southern states, East Coast and some in the Midwest, they have finely honed their music and have a vast library of music to be able to release 4 LP's in succession. With Robin Carbonell on vocals with her powerful pipes; Adam Irizarry jamming out on guitars; Dan Marcantonio giving up the bottom on bass and Dan Reitmeyer banging on the drums all day, they come together to create some really cool music.

The new track, “Dreamcatcher”, combines Dan R's energetic backbeat, with Adam's resonating riffs and Dan M's rhythms that should breakout in CHR/ALT formats in short order. Robin's strong vocals permeate throughout this track.

I can see this band turning the heads of music insiders and getting the just rewards that they deserve. I, for one, have become a believer and look for great things to happen to these talented musicians. On the Nor'easter Storm Scale, I give this track a FORCE 3! Well Done!

Review by Michael McKenna

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