Wednesday, 10 February 2016

Paul Woida | Pulling out all the STOPS in his *NEW VIDEO* 'Hello'

Recording Artist Paul Woida - June 1st, 2015 *EXCLUSIVE* NEVER SEEN photo by Candice Anne Graphics & Photography

by CA Marshall

So here’s the deal: Paul Woida is BOSS.

The Edmonton, Alberta Musician (who has been rocking local headlines) has recorded and created yet another brilliant masterpiece in his newest video cover of Adele’s ‘Hello’ and we are excited to share our thoughts on the Artist and this video.

Woida has received accolades in last year’s win (June 1st, 2015) for the Hot 107 FM Radio’s ‘Hot Factor’ contest and was awarded a grand sum of $10,000 which he has been putting towards new and original recordings (soon to come). He has also moved up to the United Way’s top three finalists in the United Way Voice competition and is holding strong with votes among his incredibly supportive friends, family and fans. In addition to this, he has been touring schools with fellow Recording Artist Mackenzie Dayle in an inspiring anti bullying campaign that has already caught our attention and has recently performed in front of 5,000 fans at Northlands in Edmonton, Alberta. Someone who can accomplish all of these things in under a year in an industry that is extremely competitive earns my total respect not to mention the respect of everyone he meets.  

With the many ‘Bang On’ covers he has done in the past such as Maroon5’s ‘Sugar’, Justin Timberlakes ‘What Goes Around’, Katy Perry’s ‘Dark Horse’, and Taylor Swifts ‘Out of the Woods’, and Coldplays ‘Viva La Vida’ to name a few, Woida’s latest video cover of Adele’s ‘Hello’ has truly pulled out all the stops. The video is carefully crafted and genuinely reflects who I know this Artist to be which is truly talented, determined, consistent, concrete in his content, and innovative. The vocals are truly his own classic signature sound combined with the refined looping technique that true Woida fans have become accustomed to. As with all of his content, he goes in, does his magic, then goes on to the next thing, and there is ALWAYS a next thing.

So here’s my advice: subscribe to all of his social media forums in order to keep up – no joke. I have been guilty of not doing so and when I go to ‘check out what’s new with Paul Woida’, I am always surprised and often, feeling totally out of the loop because there’s continuously something new!

Here’s a well known secret among those who know Woida intimately: in addition to his amazing talent, you will never find a more humble human being - he doesn’t have to spam newsfeeds and shove his talent down your throat. The final produced result in his music is proof that this isn’t necessary – it’s pure QUALITY, and this latest video is proof of that fact. (see below)

Keep on knocking them out of the park Paul! 


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