Tuesday, 2 February 2016

*NEW* Song Review THE TRANSMITTERS | 'Here Comes The Weekend' Another Hit!

The Transmitters (l-r) Martin Bailey (Lead Guitar), David Lees (Lead Vocalist), Danny Short (Drums), and Tony Dallas (Bass Guitar) - photo courtesy The Transmitters

by CA Marshall

Before we get into my thoughts on who I have recently termed: 'My British Boys', The Transmitters' and their latest single release 'Here Comes The Weekend', I'm going to back up the double deckered bus a little to give you a little history on my association with this fabulous band.

In July 2015, our Contributor Marc McGarraghy of Yellow Mustang Photography (also across the pond) shot a series of brilliant photos of the band so colorful and happy looking I made it my business to check them out. I was thrilled when I began listening to their YouTube channel and came across their single 'Catch The Sun' (see below), a happy and truly mod sounding melody reflective of 'The Jam' back in it's heyday. I knew immediately I needed to connect with them.

The band is comprised of Lead Vocalist David Lees, Guitarist/Back up vocalist Martin Bailey, followed by Danny Short on Drums, and Tony Dallas on Bass Guitar. They hail from Bolton, England, UK and began laying their roots as a band recording and touring in early 2014. Their 'Catch The Sun' single was released in May of 2015 in the wake of their already successful touring and performance schedule in addition to their strong connections with Mr. Paul Weller and Mr. Steve Brooks (The Jam), the band recently received praise by Brooks who commented on a recent promo photo stating: 'You lot are ugly enough to make it' - BRILLIANT! 

So it was a lovely surprise when Martin Bailey sent me a preview of the new song 'Here Comes The Weekend' (Click Here to Listen). This was in conjunction with the release of their fabulous *new* live video infused with 'Jam' visuals and hilarious shenanigans I have come to know as: The Transmitters. If you don't know what I am talking about, click the link I provided and check it out!

So let's delve into my thoughts on the new release: I find that I always align myself and gravitate toward those of a positive attitude and successful nature and this is clearly evident in everything The Transmitters produce. The new single 'Here Comes The Weekend' is no exception. This cheerful number not only has lyrics and vocals that entice one to anticipate the end of a long week and the winding down process, it elicits thoughts of bashing around London on a sunny day and taking in all the sights. (side note: this makes me want to actually take a vacation there JUST to have this playing in my headset whilst I do just that!) 

Clever Branding for the Single by the bands' friend Lewis Tee

In addition to being audibly 'fun', the upbeat guitar riffs and drums throughout are an expressive instrumentation that truly represent this band in the best way: iconic. And here I thought life was complete with a cherry on top with 'Here Comes The Sun'! This new single clearly proves me wrong. Just goes to show that this band is in the business of creating a 'new sound' every time they put pen to paper! Just Fab fellas!

*We look forward to having an in-depth interview with the band for the Spring 2016 issue of Starlight Music Chronicles Magazine (click here to see our most recent issue!) so make sure you subscribe to it and watch for it in March 2016!

Clever Branding for the new single by Lewis Tee
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